A living room where family gathers in autumn

A warm and warm autumn living with your favorite sofa and table

The summer heat will continue, but autumn is just around the corner! Why don't you change the summer interior to the autumn interior now?
It's fun to produce with small items, but preparing furniture is one of the great pleasures. Many cosine sofas and tables have oil-finished products that allow you to directly feel the warmth of warm wood, so this is perfect when you want to create a warm living room. We will introduce some products this fall so that you can spend your exciting time with your favorite sofa and table!

Dunlan center table with oval top plate

The Dunlan Center table has a cute elliptical top plate with a fallen corner. It's a very compact table to put in your living room, and because it has rounded corners, it doesn't overwhelm the space. The legs are not straight, but the bulging legs are particular about the details, and the top plate is finished with solid wood, so the weight and stability are perfect.
The top of the tabletop is hung on the back so that there is a step, giving it a round and cute design, but also gives a sharp impression. The whole table is finished with oil, so the feel is very good. It's a table that you use every day, so let's put a table that feels good and is gentle.
It is perfect for a little chair for children.

Essentials for the living room!
"Platto sofa" "Platt ottoman" of the leading role

Speaking of living, you need a sofa. It's a place where you can spend time with your family, or a place where you can spend time alone. The "Platt sofa" and the matching "Platt ottoman" are recommended as essential items for spending a comfortable time. The cosine platform sofa is very compact and does not take up much space. If you use the matching ottoman together, you can slowly extend your legs. By devising the arrangement, you can also relax as you like.
If you also put the floor stand (round) together, the soft lights will make you feel more at home.

The reason why Kibe is so popular is that you can choose from natural textured maple or a cool walnut, and you can choose your favorite "Zhangji" that greatly affects the impression of the room.
It's a sofa that you can customize to your liking, so we'll have to wait a while for delivery, but if you prepare some replacement covers, you can change the pattern depending on the season and mood, so this is a highly recommended product.

Trico side table that does not interfere with the unusual shape of the side table conductor

The "Trico Side Table", which has a triangular shape on the top plate, has rounded corners, and the triangle shape makes it difficult to disturb the life conductors if the orientation is changed. It's a little small table, but it's the best height and size for you to relax on a sofa or chair.
You can put a drink, a small amount of sweets, a reading book, a smartphone, etc. and it will gently support the time of relaxation in the living room.
Since the legs and top are luxuriously made of solid wood, the thickness, weight and stability are perfect.
Looking at the back of the table, you can see the thickness of the wood used for the top.

Absolutely this on the moving side table!
A versatile side table that can be used when you want to use it with a foldable body and a reversible tray

This "tray table" is recommended when you want to use it when you need it, such as when there are visitors, or when you really want to use it properly rather than leaving it.
If you take the trays on the top and bottom, you can fold the remaining body.
It can be used with the tray alone, and if you use the melamine side it will be fine even if it gets a little dirty or damp. It can be wiped off quickly and maintenance is easy.
The other side is a wood textured surface, so be careful of water and dirt, but it is recommended for those who want to overflow the room with wood texture or create a gentle atmosphere.

*All prices shown do not include tax.

A living room where a family gathers in autumn

A living room where a family gathers in autumn

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