Show me "neatly" outer storage

Outer storage is no problem this fall and winter!
A cosine "show storage" that is easy to store and looks neat

Storage for the coming season with more outerwear is a problem that plagues each year. It is important that the outerwear you wear everyday is easy to take out and easy to store. And above all, it is important to choose according to the amount of outerwear you want to store. For families with small children, it is also important for the child to hang it up.
COSIN offers various types of coat stands, hanger racks, and hooks, so you can choose the perfect outer storage to suit your lifestyle and people. This autumn and winter, you'll have a clean, neat outerwear and will be stress-free!

Easy to use for adults and children with rotating hooks of different heights

The height of the tall pole is 180 cm, the height of the low pole is 120 cm, and the height of the adult long coat is large enough to fit comfortably, and there are a total of 8 rotating hooks that can be reached by even small children. The upper hook rotates 360 degrees and the lower hook rotates 260 degrees, so you can hang coats etc. so that they do not overlap.
All parts are rounded, so it is safe to use with children.
The high and low poles are machined from one piece of material, so they are sturdy and do not wobble, and there is a 4kg weight in the lower part of the base, so there is sufficient stability. It is a coat stand that the whole family can use with peace of mind.

It's light and compact, so you can quickly move it to where you need it

A tree rack that can be used wherever you need it, such as by placing it on a wire that is convenient for going out or going home such as in the entrance or corridor during the season when you use it for outer storage, and moving it to your room during spring and summer. The weight of maple is 1.2kg, and the weight of walnut is 1kg. It is a type of coat hanging up against the wall. There are 6 hooks for hanging jackets, hats, mufflers, bags, etc., and 1 small hook for key chains and small items. Since the T-shaped legs and the part that touches the wall have silicone rubber as a cushioning material and non-slip, it can be installed stably without slipping even on the floor floor. If you hang a heavy bag on the hook on the bottom of the back, you can feel more stable.

A compact clothes rack in the shape of a "clothing girder".
Not just for storage! Also used like a screen

A hanger rack-like combination rack for hanging a kimono. It can be folded in half, so it can be compact when not in use. By hanging the outer on a hanger, adults can use it in a high bar, and children can use it in a low bar at a comfortable height. When not used for outer storage, you can use your favorite fabric on the bar and use it as a blindfold partition. Like the tree rack, the combi rack is also very lightweight, so you can quickly move it to the place you want to use it.
It is also recommended that you choose a room and place with a simple design.

Appearance like art
The cosine collection coat stand is a gem that combines the beauty of molding and functionality.

Coat stands are also available in the cosine collection, which is made by taking advantage of the texture of walnut, which is dark brown and has a calm color. It is an art-like coat stand that allows you to fully enjoy the skills and crafts of the cosine collection.

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Show me "properly" outer storage

Show me "properly" outer storage

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