Cleanly store only what each family member needs! Let's take the plunge! Review of living room storage

For the coming season when you want to enjoy your home time more,
Rethink your living room storage!

As the season goes around and you want to enjoy the warm atmosphere of your house, why not take a radical look at the storage in your living room for the coming season? I would like to store only the necessities of each family in the living room, but if I notice it, the things taken out of my room will be stored in the living room... It is NG if there is too little storage in the living room or there is too much room!
We recommend an open shelf that can flexibly accommodate things that are just the size you need for your family. It's a nice place to open and take it in and out so it's easy to put it in and out. Learn more about our open design cosine living shelves that store just what your family needs.

Two height living shelves.
Which size do you need for my home?

The living shelves are both 105 cm wide. The width of 105 cm is this size because it is easy for women to reach both sides without moving when storing or taking out items toward the shelf.
As for the height, if you use a lot of things every day or if you have a lot of families, we recommend the Living Shelf 120, which has two shelves between the height of the waist and the line of sight of an adult who can easily put in and take it out. If you don't have a lot of things to use every day, living shelf 85 may be just right for you.

Since it is an open type, it can be flexibly laid out and stored according to the family.

Some people have said that "open type shelves are difficult to store...", but one of the attractions is that they are flexible because they are open type.
When a child is small, put a toy in a fabric box and store it in the bottom shelf, change the place to a place for picture books and drawing tools when it gets a little bigger, and when it gets bigger, favorite magazines and books When the child becomes independent, decorate the couple's favorite crafts and photos at the place, and you can freely lay it out according to the growth of the child and how the family spends in the living room and continue to use it as a storage.

With a multi-tray that can store small items of each family separately and a bookend with a pleasant texture of wood, you can organize it more neatly.

A multi-tray and bookend that you want to use with your living shelf.
The multi-tray, which can accommodate A4 size, can be placed on a shelf with up to 3 tiers. This is convenient when you want to put small items that you can wear together when you go out, or when you put things that are easily messed up such as a remote control and a charging cable.
The bookend is made from short materials that are less than the furniture needed to make furniture from the cosine factory. Sometimes there is a characteristic grain of wood, so you can fully enjoy the texture of wood.

*All prices shown do not include tax.

Cleanly store only what each family member needs! Review of living room storage!

Cleanly store only what each family member needs! Review of living room storage!

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