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"Coitti" and "work desk" that can be used by both children and adults

I think that there are many people who choose school bags from this time for new enrollment next year and are particular about color, design, weight and material. After preparing the school bag, it is a "desk". Have you prepared a "desk" yet?
Many people will start looking for a study desk soon, but "coitti" is recommended as a desk for living study, which is said to improve concentration. We also recommend a "work desk" that can be used regardless of age. This time, we would like to introduce the "coitti" and "work desk"!

"Coitti desk", a desk that can be used even when it grows up and grows up

The coitti desk is a desk whose height can be changed depending on the parts. The height of the top plate is 57 cm in the lowest state, and the height of the top plate is 70 cm in the highest state with the extension legs 80 and casters. The height of the top plate is 70 cm, which is just right for adults.
It can be used not only as a study desk but also as a work desk or a hobby workbench even as an adult.
At first glance, the design that does not look like a study desk is also attractive.

You can choose the color of the top plate from 6 colors, so it is possible to match the atmosphere of the room.
If the color of the top plate is other than white, it will be made to order, so we will wait about 60 days before shipping.
You can create a very cute atmosphere or an adult-like atmosphere.
You can also choose your favorite top plate color for coitti wagons and coitti shelves.

Coitti isn't the only desk you can grow up and use!
"Work desk" is also very useful

A desk that can be used differently from coitti is a "work desk".
Actually, you can freely adjust the height of this desk and top plate and the position of the shelves.
The top plate can be adjusted from the position of the low desk to a height that can be used while standing. It is possible to adjust with a 6 cm pitch. You can attach the shelf board to the top, or you can attach it to your feet, and when you attach it to the top, you can see it completely, so you can attach it to your feet and store it secretly.
It also has a drawer so you can store stationery and notebooks. And after all, a simple and compact design. A desk that even children can use, rather a desk that adults will want to use.

Matching with the coitti desk! Which school are you?
coitti chair? coitti stool?

Two types of chairs and stools are available to match the coitti desk.
The coitti chair with backrest is designed to be more integrated with the desk, sometimes gently supporting your back.
The coitti stool, which allows you to sit regardless of front or back, has a neat design because it has no backrest, allowing you to stretch your back and concentrate on your studies and work.
In both cases, you can choose extension legs 50 or casters as accessories.
In addition, coitti chairs and stools have their own cushions. Since the front and back colors are different, you can change the front and back depending on the atmosphere and mood. The soft pipe beads make it hard to settle and provide a firm seating comfort. The fabric is 100% cotton, so it feels good against the skin and absorbs moisture, making it hard to get stuffy even if you sit for a long time.

Get in the habit of organizing yourself
coitti shelf dedicated to coitti

An exceptionally tall coitti shelf.
Since the second shelf from the bottom is an operating shelf, the height can be adjusted, and school bags, study bags, and study tools can be stored in one place.
The small protrusions on the shelf can also be used to hang small bags and small items.
The bulletin board on the white board can be attached with a magnet and also acts as a blindfold for the things you put on it.
You will also be able to get into the habit of organizing yourself and prevent things left behind or lost.

Great for wagons with casters that can be as wide as a desk
"Coitti wagon" that matches the coitti desk

A coitti wagon that can be used at the same height as the coitti desk. If you add the same extension legs and casters as the coitti desk you are already using, the height of the top plate will be exactly the same, so you can use the desk widely.
One coitti wagon can be very comfortable when you have more time to study and your desk is getting cramped. You can easily organize your books and notebooks by using the separately sold coitti bookend.
It can also be used as a hobby or as an aid to a work desk, and when it is a work desk, you can put a printer on it and store equipment such as copy paper.
Since it is equipped with casters, it is easy to move, and it is easy to return it to the fixed position after studying or working.

Each coitti product comes with accessories, but extension legs can be selected or additionally purchased at the time of purchase.

Coitti desks, chairs and stools have "extension legs" that allow you to extend your legs, and you can use them at different heights. There are 5 cm height "extension leg 50" and 8 cm "extension leg 80". "Extension leg 50" is a format that you can choose between casters without stoppers and extension leg 50 by purchasing a coitti chair or stool.
Please see the specifications section of the product page for accessories for each coitti product.
Even if it is not included, you can purchase it separately, so please feel free to contact us if you wish.

* All listed prices do not include tax.

Preparing for new enrollment next year! A desk that can be used even as an adult

Preparing for new enrollment next year! A desk that can be used even as an adult

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