Enjoying a life with margin Liite
The living room, which is the center of the house, is changing from a TV-centered relaxing place to a multi-purpose place where the family spends their time. “Liite” integrates the living room and dining room to create a blank space in the living space, creating a multi-purpose space such as a playground for children and a work space for parents.
As well as serving as a dining table for eating and light work, the table and seat are set low so that a relaxed posture can be taken, and the chaise longue on one arm allows the legs to be stretched out, making it a relaxing space. I also valued the elements. In addition, the continuous spokes on the back give the space a loose lightness and rhythm.
The series name "Liite" is a word that means "enclosure" in Finnish.
A living and dining room that fulfills a variety of family lifestyles
From families raising children to seniors who want to enjoy their hobbies, using the blank spaces created by Liite according to various life stages will spread a rich life.
The living and dining room that fulfills the various lifestyles of the family begins with a life with Liite.
Play space

Spacious play space when children are small
Study space

When you go to elementary school, in the study space in the living room
Work space

A work space where you can read and write
For all products using fabrics such as Liite,
Combining beautiful texture and color, comfortable feel and high durability
You can choose Hallingdal 65 from kvadrat.
Kvadrat's Hallingdal 65, designed by furniture designer Nanna Ditzel in 1965, is impressive for its high durability and vivid colors.
The material is 70% new wool, which uses only new wool that does not contain recycled wool, and 30% is viscose, a natural synthetic fiber whose main raw material is wood pulp. A fabric with excellent abrasion resistance.
Wool contains natural oils, so it is difficult for dirt to penetrate into the fibers, and it also suppresses the generation of odors.
In addition, it has high insulation properties, so you can always enjoy a comfortable feel regardless of the surrounding temperature.
Kvadrat's wool is dyed at the raw material stage, so the color is beautiful and the color does not fade easily and can be used for a long time.
*Martindale is the numerical value of the abrasion test called "Martindale". The standard is 20,000 to 39,000 times for general use, and 60,000 times or more for use in public and commercial facilities.
frost gray
white yellow
From kvadrat's Hallingdal 65, we have a lineup of colors that are natural and blend in with the living space, according to the lifestyle proposed by Cosine.

Liite is a made-to-order product. Please allow approximately 3 months for delivery.
For detailed delivery times, please contact us here.

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