Only one wooden gift in the world with a personalized order

You can engrave your favorite message, name, anniversary, etc. on the product that can be named with a laser. Use the only wooden accessory or watch in the world as a gift or souvenir.

[From ordering to delivery]
(1) Select a product and decide the position of the name.

(2) Select the typeface and size.

(3) Please enter your name in the "Order Options" field when ordering.

(4) We will send you an email with a layout that allows you to confirm the contents of your name.

(5) Start processing after confirming the layout.

(6) It will be delivered to you in 10 days to 2 weeks.

You can choose from two sizes for personalization.

A size is within the range of 8 square centimeters, and B size is within the range of 13 square centimeters. Since it is specified by area, there is no limit on the number of characters.

You can choose from 4 types of typefaces and 2 sizes

  • The typeface can be Gothic, Mincho, and Maru Gothic in [Japanese / alphanumeric].
  • Comic Sans is only [alphanumeric], so Japanese cannot be entered.
  • You can choose the size from A size of 8 square centimeters and B size of 13 square centimeters.
  • There is no limit to the number of characters that can be entered. The more letters there are, the smaller the letters.
    Also, if you put a long sentence on one line, the characters may become smaller.
    We may make adjustments such as inserting line breaks as appropriate.

List of products that can be named

□ The place where you can enter your name varies depending on the product. Please check in advance before ordering.

Product items

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MUKU watch (small)

  • 13,200円
  • cw08cmwn

Unique clock with plenty of wood texture A unique ...

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Tray (large)

  • 11,000円
  • tw02cmw

About the size of a placemat, it feels like a cafe...

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Tray (small)

  • 8,800円
  • tw01cmw

Just the right size for serving A simple wooden tr...

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Desk organizer

  • 6,600円
  • ec10nm

Organize small items around your desk A desk organ...

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Mine wall clock

  • 24,200円
  • cw17cmwn

It's fascinating how the expression changes de...

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no. 270 watch

  • 19,800円
  • cw15cmw

A wall clock that matches the dress rack This dres...

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MUKU watch (large)

  • 27,500円
  • cw09cmwn

Unique clock with plenty of wood texture A unique ...

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Wall clock (R)

  • 19,800円
  • cw06cmwn

The wood grain creates an interesting sense of rhy...

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Wall clock (color)

  • 13,200円
  • cw01cmwn

Even if you are busy, you can live a playful life ...

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child watch

  • 11,000円
  • cw14cm

I could read it by myself Children's Clock Thi...

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Insert name

  • 1,320円
  • naire

A one-of-a-kind tree gift in the world with a pers...

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[Limited edition] Picture fram...

  • 4,400円
  • ec07

A special one scene in this A photo frame that ca...

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Little chair

  • 33,000円
  • ki24nm

My, my own place in the living room It is a kids c...

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coitti desk

  • 93,500円
  • ci01nm

Pens and notebooks are stored on the desk side. Th...

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fruit of cosine

  • 22,000円
  • ki23xm

Five “fruits” that nurture rich sensibility The co...

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one gift to the world
【 Insert name 】
If you wish to engrave your name, please select the size and typeface and order it together with the product.
A size 1,320 yen including tax / B size 1,650 yen including tax



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  • warm welcome
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