Cosine wrapping

There are two main types of packages for cosine. You can choose the wrapping according to the packing condition.

Packing is wrapping a cosmetic box

This applies to small items such as watches that are in the vanity case.
Cross ribbon
Wrapping with a cross ribbon on the dressing box

Packaging + ribbon seal
Wrap it in a wrapping paper with the same pattern as the dressing box,
Wrapping with a ribbon sticker

Packaging + Noshi paper
Wrapping with wrapping paper wrapped in wrapping paper and wrapping with Noshi paper from above The photo is the outer Noshi, but the inner Noshi is also available, so please specify.

The bowknot is used for celebrations and gratitude that can be repeated many times.
The knot is used for celebrations, marriages, etc. that you want to be a one-time event.

Corrugated cardboard wrapping (simple wrapping)

Items in cardboard such as entrance stools and dress racks

* Products with corrugated cardboard will be simply wrapped. Also, please note that we cannot accept packaging depending on the size of the cardboard. The photo shows a dress rack, an entrance stool, and a little chair box.

If the packaging is a cardboard box, wrap it with wrapping paper.
It is a simple wrapping with Noshi paper and ribbon stickers.

Gift box S… 385 yen
External dimensions: width 10 x depth 19 x height 6.7 cm
Inner dimensions: Width 9.4 x Depth 18.4 x Height 6.5 cm

Gift box M… 550 yen
External dimensions: width 23 x depth 17.5 x height 7.2 cm
Inner dimensions: width 22.4 x depth 16.9 x height 7 cm

Gift box L… 1,100 yen
External dimensions: width 35 x depth 31.5 x height 10.2 cm
Inner dimensions: width 34.4 x depth 30.9 x height 10 cm

* Even if you specify the size of the box, the size of the box may change depending on the size and quantity of the product. In that case, the amount will be changed, so we will contact you as well.

Gift box S
--Wrapping example

Contains small items such as wood peace and aroma oil.

Gift Box M
--Wrapping example

4 kinds of wooden pots and mine clocks (small),
Contains 2 to 3 small items such as KLIPPAN accessories and aroma oils.

Gift box L
--Wrapping example

Babouche S to L size, shoehorn (S), MUKU watch (small),

Contains KLIPPAN mini blankets, etc.

About the clock

When you put a watch in a gift box such as Mine Watch (Small), Mine Watch (Large), MUKU Watch (Small), the lid of the dressing box will be closed to protect the hands.

* Please note that the MUKU watch (small) is not thick enough to fit in the gift box M.

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Wipe away small scratches and dirt! You can do it at home! oil maintenance
If the clock does not work properly, please try this method first.



one gift to the world
【 Insert name 】
If you wish to have your name engraved, please select the size and font and place your order along with the product.
A size 1,430 yen including tax /B size 1,760 yen including tax



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  • warm welcome
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