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A tree that has grown over a long period of time becomes a tool that will live for many years.
Wooden tools for daily life are things that you become more attached to as you spend time together throughout your life.
It is a rich product that transcends generations and is familiar with daily life.


Designed by Noriyuki Ebina

fioretto slipper rack 44,000 JPY (

fioretto coat stand
220,000 JPY (inc. tax)


Designed by Noriyuki Ebina

lepore palette rack 132,000 JPY (

lepore coat stand
198,000 JPY (inc. tax)

lepore hanger
11,000 JPY (inc. tax)

lepore umbrella stand
154,000 JPY (inc. tax)


Designed by Koichiro Mamiya

airs floor clockairs floor mirrorairs floor light

airs floor clock
110,000 JPY (inc. tax)

airs floor mirror
132,000 JPY (inc. tax)

airs floor light
110,000 JPY (inc. tax)

airs coat rack 176,000 JPY (

airs slim chest 198,000 JPY (

airs wall mirror 110,000 JPY (

airs hanging clockairs hanging mirror

airs hanging clock 33,000 JPY (

airs hanging mirror 33,000 JPY (


Designed by Minoru Nagahara

nagahara shoe fitter 88,000 JPY (

nagahara nest table 110,000 JPY (


Designed by Makoto Iga

coa desk natural 121,000 JPY (

coa desk color 126,500 JPY (

coa chair natural 104,500 JPY (

coa chair color 110,000 JPY (

coa half chair natural 99,000 JPY (

coa half chair color 104,500 JPY (

coa side table natural 66,000 JPY (

coa side table color 71,500 JPY (

coa stool natural 60,500 JPY (

coa stool color 63,800 JPY (

coa number clock 16,500 JPY (


Designed by Makoto Iga

ekana kaku reliefekana en relief

ekana kaku relief
55,000 JPY (inc. tax)

ekana en relief
55,000 JPY (inc. tax)


Designed by Noriyuki Ebina

branch coat stand 110,000 JPY (

cut out

Designed by Doki Tsukada

cut out clock 33,000 JPY (


cosine collection

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coa side table

  • 90,200円
  • CA-05CM

The coa side table is perfect for use alongside a ...

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airs slim chest

  • 200,200円
  • ct01cw

Slim storage of your favorite items that you want ...

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nagahara shoe fitter

  • 90,200円
  • st11cw

One leg at the entrance. chair for tying shoelaces...

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Ekana corner relief

  • 55,000円
  • WL-02XMCW

Art relief using imaginary raw stone scraps ``Ekan...

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Ekana Yen Relief

  • 55,000円
  • WL-01XMCW

Offcuts are the raw material of imagination. Art r...

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If you wish to have your name engraved, please select the size and font and place your order along with the product.
A size 1,430 yen including tax /B size 1,760 yen including tax



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