Convenient for kitchen work and getting dressed "High stool" that allows you to take a break

Convenient for kitchen work and getting dressed "High stool" that allows you to take a break

Do you have a hard time with your legs and lower back hurt when you work while standing?
There are quite a few standing jobs at home, such as cooking in the kitchen, tidying up, and getting dressed.
If you have a slight pain in your legs and have a hard time doing housework, and you really want to sit down because it takes time to get dressed, we recommend a chair that you can sit on so that you don't sit deeply.
As stools that can be "sit a little", there are "kitchen stools with red hats" that are likely to make you feel swaying, and "high stools" that are beautifully shaped. This time I will introduce these two!

Accented with a cushion like a red hat "Kitchen stool with a red hat"

The "red hat kitchen stool", which looks like you are wearing a cute red hat, has a high seating surface of 65 cm, so it is the best stool to sit on. A groove is dug on the back of the seat so that it is lightweight and can be carried with one hand. The legs are not just straight bars, but they have bulges and take a little effort.
The swaying movement of sitting on a chair is a feeling of sitting that seems to be a habit.

"High stool" that retains the traditional Japanese beauty of warping and rolling

The high stool is a stool that makes the best use of the "warp of the seat and the peeling of the legs" when designing the entrance stool. "Curved and rolled" is a form used for shrines and temples, and it is easy to understand if you look at the greatly warped roof. Entrance stools and high stools refer to this beautiful shape.
A stool with a gentle texture of solid wood and a solid sense of stability that allows you to sit comfortably, with a slightly higher seating surface of 53 cm. It is a "high stool" that makes it "convenient if you have one" for kitchen work that requires you to stand up immediately, for getting dressed in front of a mirror, or for a little work.

Cosine is full of stools Find your favorite stool!

There are several other stools available for cosine. Among them, there are stools that can be lowered in height, and there are also stools that can be pursued for ease of use. Or you can use it as a display shelf, or use one of the two seats as a table. The stool made of solid wood has an exceptional texture and stability. Please find your favorite stool!

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