Let's decorate a warm wooden clock

This time when it starts to get cool.
Let's spend a relaxing time looking at the wooden clock

At this time when it gets cooler little by little, I want to keep something warm rather than inorganic. At that time, "trees" come to mind as "warm things." There are many clocks using that "wood" in Cosine. Since it is made of wood that makes furniture, it is a moderately heavy watch.
Many people are pleased with the gifts and purchase them as a reward for themselves. There are many compact table clocks to large wall clocks, so please find your favorite.

A cute cuckoo clock that pops out of the window

The cuckoo clock, which you can't wait to come out of the window to tell the time, is a clock with three species of maple, oak, and cherry blossoms, and you can especially enjoy its color, grain, and aging.
Maple has a white and lustrous color, but it changes to a light brown color over time, and oak has a strong grain of wood, which changes to a slightly yellowish color, and cherry blossoms have a reddish and warm color. It will change to reddish brown. You can enjoy the aging of Kibe slowly with the cuckoo that tells you the time. It is a popular watch especially for each celebration such as new construction celebration.

The secret of "bellows"

Cuckoo will inform you of the time signal and the time every 30 minutes, along with a cute cry from the "bellows" made of Japanese paper. When you don't need to be notified of the bark, you can switch it on and off, so you can stop the bark when you want to concentrate.

Long-selling "Mine watch" celebrating its 30th anniversary

"Mine watch" celebrated its 30th anniversary in July.
The calculated simplicity is a design that you can use for a long time without getting tired, and it is a clock that can be used anywhere such as the entrance, living room, children's room, bedroom, kitchen.
There are two types of mine clocks, (large) and (small), both of which can be hung on the wall as well as placed.
Especially, it is selected for wedding gifts and souvenirs.

Wind Kaza car Guruma The shadow of the dial "wall clock (R)" reminiscent of

It is a watch made of four solid woods carved into a gently bulging shape so that the grain of wood intersects.
The shadow of the bulge of solid wood is reminiscent of a windmill, giving the impression that it is not too hard even though it is a square watch. It is a rare watch that informs you of the time signal with a cross line and a small circle, and you can see small ingenuity everywhere, such as scraping off the back side so as not to give an overly heavy impression.
The bulging solid wood grain is also gently changed, making it a simple but fun watch. This is also a popular watch for celebrations such as new construction celebrations.

Small but thick and profound feeling "MUKU watch (small)"

It is a square clock with a height and width of 12 cm and is not large, but it is a clock with a thickness of 7.5 cm and a solid feeling.
The shape is a little like a cube, so it looks like a colon, and the overlapping numbers are characteristic, making it a fashionable watch that can be placed or hung. It consists of three species of maple, walnut, and oak, but it is interesting to choose the same watch with a very different expression.
It is a popular watch for each souvenir, a reward for yourself, and a home use.

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Let's decorate a warm wooden clock

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