What I want now is a compact table that can be used for anything

Great for sofas and easy chairs Compact table

It's a season when the nights get longer and you want to enjoy a slow and quiet night on the sofa or easy chair with a warm drink. If you have a nice little table around your sofa or easy chair, you'll be able to enjoy even more relaxing time.
Cosine has a variety of small tables, but this time we will introduce a compact table with a little smart storage and ingenuity.

Speaking of sofas, reading. A compact table with a magazine rack that makes book lovers happy

The link table and wagon table are tables with a magazine rack that are nice for book lovers. Both are compact sizes that are perfect for side tables.
The link table is a side table that can be used flexibly even if the table and magazine rack are used together or separately. The wagon table can be used by inserting it into a sofa with a seat height of 45 cm or less, which has a gap of 7 cm or more under the sofa, so the point is that it can be used by pulling it to your hand!

A versatile "rack table" that can be used in various ways

The rack table can be used freely according to your daily life, such as a TV rack, audio rack, night table, and side table! The rack table, which has a slightly nostalgic atmosphere, can also be used as a rack for small TVs up to 32 inches. The table is a simple, rounded box with legs, giving it a great sense of stability. The box part can be conveniently used as a storage for media such as CDs and DVDs, magazines that are being read, and according to usage.

"Tray table" with casters, foldable, and full of reversible functions

The tray table, which can be used not only as a side table but also as a wagon with casters, has a reversible veneer surface and maple white, and walnut light gray melamine surface, which allows you to enjoy the natural look of wood. You can use it in. Since the shelf part is tray-shaped, it can be removed and used like a tray. You can remove the two trays and fold the legs to keep them compact. You can move the LDK freely and use it as a side table, wagon, or support table where you need it.

The secret that you can put it next to the sofa and pull it to your hand and use it in various ways is its shape "Toriko side table"

The Trico side table is a compact side table with an impressive gentle triangular top plate. It is a convenient table because it is a triangle, so you can place it next to the sofa or insert it into the corner and pull it to your hand. It's a triangle, so it's a nice point that it doesn't interfere with the lifeline. You can change the direction and use it in the direction that is most convenient for you at that time, so it will be a great success for relaxing on the sofa.

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What I want now is a compact table

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