Enjoy your home time during the holiday season!

Let's enjoy Christmas at home to the fullest!

Even if it's not the holiday season like before, such as welcoming a large number of customers or going out to a dinner party, let's enjoy the Christmas and holiday season with your family while enjoying your time at home!
It may be fun to spend a relaxing and quiet time at home, or to enjoy cooking and making things with your family. It is one of the things that you can enjoy this year to decorate your house as nicely as you can. Set up your house nicely and enjoy your time at home during the holiday season!

I want to decorate a tree that is more particular this year!
Let's draw a picture of the tree on a natural frame and decorate it!

In addition to the Christmas tree that you decorate every year, how about drawing a picture of a tree, Santa, and a snowman with the whole family? You can decide the theme color with your family and draw each Christmas motif, so that you can make a special Christmas setting only for your home and this year.
Put your family's picture in a simple frame and hang it up to make it look like a Christmas art exhibition.

Glitter items that raise the mood of Christmas A gentle light-like ornament that leaks from the window on a snowy day

The ornament of the brand "Jette Florich" launched in 2006 by Jette Florich, who has been active in the famous Danish brand for more than 30 years, is an item designed with inspiration from Norse mythology and nature. , Fantastic, beautiful and very delicate like a fairy tale.
The gold ornament, which shines like a warm and gentle light leaking from the window on a snowy day, is attractive to enjoy the beauty of the light in the sunlight and candlelight. While enjoying not only the modeling but also the light received by the ornament, it creates a slow and calm time.

Danish fairy Nisse carrying happiness.
Family Christmas watched by adorable handmade Nisse dolls

NORDIKA Nisse is a brand of handmade wooden dolls by Nordica Design. We make dolls with the motif of the Danish fairy Nisse and bring happiness to the world. Since ancient times, Nisse is a Scandinavian fairy who is said to protect children and homes and help Santa Claus during Christmas time. The house where the mischievous and hard-working Nisse lives is thought to bring happiness and has long been loved in Denmark. Each doll is hand-finished by a craftsman in the workshop, so each has a different look, and no two in the world are the same. You will surely meet your favorite Nisse only at home!

A Christmas decoration that feels warm and warm with solid wood ornaments

This year, Cosine also made an original solid wood ornament. Although the quantity is limited, all the Christmas-like star and snowflake motifs are made of solid wood.
We have also prepared a wooden ball made by the technique of cutting wood while rotating it.
All of them are natural and cosine-like ornaments like no other. When you hang it on a Christmas tree, it will make you feel the warmth and warmth of a different atmosphere.

Christmas wrapping 2020

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Enjoy your home time during the holiday season!

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Christmas wrapping 2020

Christmas wrapping



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