Overwhelmingly beautiful and overwhelmingly easy-to-use living tools

Cosine's living tools made without compromising beauty, usability, and appreciation for materials

Cosine is one of the Asahikawa furniture makers made in the surrounding areas such as Asahikawa and Higashikawa. Asahikawa Furniture manufactures furniture while giving consideration to everything related to manufacturing and manufacturing, such as design, high-quality materials, consideration for the environment, and training of successors. As a member of the Asahikawa furniture maker that makes furniture in Asahikawa, and as a mission from the beginning, Cosine continues to make beautiful and comfortable living tools without wasting materials.
This time, we would like to introduce some of the living tools of Cosine, which are highly popular for their beauty and ease of use.

Entrance stool that condenses traditional Japanese "beauty" into a compact size

An entrance stool that comes in handy when you take off your shoes at the entrance or leave some luggage behind. Since it is placed at the entrance, it is designed to be minimal and space-saving, and because it is used at the entrance, which can be said to be the face of the house, it is "beauty" and "comfortable to sit" for everyone, including families and customers. Pursued.
The curved seating surface that catches the seater and the plump legs that give a sense of stability are made by carving out solid wood.
The "warp" of the seat surface and the "rolling" of the legs give a feeling of comfort and stability, and the appearance gives a feeling of the traditional Japanese "beauty" reminiscent of Japanese shrines and temples.

Beautiful and easy to use, smooth form reminiscent of sculpture Shoehorn (L), Shoehorn (S)

Shoehorn (L) and shoehorn (S) made by shaving solid wood with a "lathe" that shave while rotating the material.
As a result of pursuing the heel contact and the grip of the handle when putting on shoes, the shoehorn has a sculptural beauty. Cowhide is used for the leather strap of the handle, and the more you use it, the more it tastes. The length of the shoehorn body is just right for the shoehorn (L) to be used in a standing position without bending, and for the shoehorn (S) to be used while sitting on a stool.
The round and chubby shoehorn stand that you want to use together has a solid weight and can store shoehorns of both sizes firmly and stably.

The beautiful shape that brings out the charm of the wood grain is a comfortable shape mine stool

A mine stool with a wave seat similar to the Cosine wave design mine watch (large) (small) that has been supported for over 30 years since its release. By carving out solid wood in a wavy shape, it brings out the unique charm of wood grain, and the wave creates a comfortable seating without a backrest. A stool with a beautiful shape that tightens the space with just one leg and a comfortable seating.

A gem with high formability made with the ultimate in skill and craftsmanship
cosine collection

Asahikawa, Hokkaido, which has abundant wood resources, is a place where traditional woodworking craftsmanship is alive. An item from the Cosine Collection that is highly formable and does not impair its function as a tool, born from daily efforts to create beautiful living tools that can be used for a long time by making the best use of wood and technique.
The cosine collection, which makes the best use of the high quality of walnut wood, is a highly formable living tool made with the ultimate skill of designers and craftsmen.

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Overwhelmingly beautiful and overwhelmingly easy-to-use living tools

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