A healing tree gift that you can use every day

It's been a year I haven't seen much,
Let's say thank you for the year with a wooden gift!
And a reward for me who worked harder than usual!

After spending a year like never before, I couldn't feel free to meet my close friends, relatives, and people who took care of me. So, how about giving a greeting and a "wooden accessory that you can use every day" that will make you happy with the gift that conveys your gratitude toward the end of the year? Introducing wooden accessories that are perfect as gifts for cosine and can be used and healed.
And don't forget the reward for yourself who worked hard every day like never before. Wooden accessories that bring a little healing to my daily life are also recommended as a reward for me who worked hard.

A familiar gift that adds the warmth and gentle color of wood to your life

Among the cosine items, the watch is the most selected gift. All cosine watches feature a natural and simple design. You can enjoy the change over time, which gradually changes in color as you use it for a long time. Some watches can be named on the front or back of the watch, so you can engrave an anniversary or message on it to make it the only gift in the world. In addition to maple walnut, we also have watches that you can choose from Hokkaido cherry wood and oak wood, so please choose according to the interior and the taste of the user.

Wood pieces and picture frames that can be used to decorate photos and cards are also standard items that are selected as gifts. You will surely be pleased if you give it as a gift with a photo of your memories and a feeling of gratitude and a message. We also recommend a desk organizer that allows you to put small things together neatly on your desk. There are parts that can stand up from thick pens to thin pencils such as fountain pens and magic, parts that can stand up memos and smartphones, parts that can put clips etc., and a tray that can also be a pen tray, so telework It can be used at both your desk and office desk. Gifts that can be used around us are likely to be truly healing gifts that allow you to enjoy the gentle texture and texture of wood.

A gift that makes everyday life a little more convenient

A set of a shoehorn (L) that can be used without bending and a special stand is also selected as a gift among the cosine items. Not only when you wear leather shoes, but also when you wear sneakers, you can take it out quickly and wear it without bending, so it will surely come in handy.
That person who is always fashionable seems to be pleased with the tree rack, which can expand the storage just by leaning against the entrance bedroom, kitchen, etc. The design, which looks like a tree branch overhanging, can be a little accent to the space. The easy-to-use rack will surely please those who love fashion.

A compact stool that is useful when tying shoelaces at the entrance, putting on boots, or when you want to put a little luggage is also a great gift item. Cosine's entrance stool comes in a very compact packaging that can be wrapped and hung with paper. It is also a point of choice that you can give it by wrapping according to the situation.

Christmas wrapping 2020

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A healing tree gift that you can use every day

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Christmas wrapping 2020

Christmas wrapping



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