Wooden living tools used according to daily life

Surrounded by simple living tools, make your life more fulfilling

Introducing this time is Cosine's best long-selling dress rack, nap sofas and nest stools that can be used in many ways, and tree racks that put together outerwear at the entrance.
All of them are simple design living tools and you won't get tired of using them for a long time. And since we have selected solid wood for the material, you can use it for a long time with confidence.
We also provide after-sales support such as repairs and parts purchases, so please consider it!

Simple and timeless beautiful design and texture Long and best-selling "Dress Rack"

The cosine hanger has a storage capacity of about 17 dress racks and about 29 dress racks (wide). In addition, it is light enough to be folded and moved, and features a beautiful design and texture that is simple and timeless everywhere. Hooks and trays are also available as options, so you can store your personal belongings in one place.

Living close to the floor that Japanese people like "Nap sofa" that can be used as a sofa or a table

The low seating surface is just right for relaxing and is high enough for your child to sit down.
This sofa is perfect for relaxing with your pet while reading a book. You can spend a comfortable time alone or with someone. Enjoy a nap to your heart's content in a comfortable and spacious space.

The seating surface is slightly lower so that even children can reach it, so it can be used by families and parents and children. You can spend time together, read picture books, hear about what you were at school today, and spend time that suits your family. If it becomes a favorite place for everyone, you may be able to spend a friendly time.

The horizontal and spacious seat can also be used as a table. The nap sofa plays an active part in the middle of life, such as having tea with everyone, drawing and doing homework for children.

A nap sofa that can be placed on the porch in the summer, like a veranda in the winter, and in the middle of a group in the winter with a light impression without a backrest, can be placed in various places depending on the season. You can use it.

Nest stool that can be used freely according to the life scene

Simple, sturdy, and three different sized nest stools, you can put them together when you're not using them, and you can easily carry them anywhere when you're using them. The joint, which is also the point of the design, uses a traditional technique called "arare-gumi" to make it sturdy. Feel free to use it according to your scene such as stepping stones, bookshelves, tables, stools, etc.

Popular tree rack due to its compact size and texture of wood

The tree rack, which can be placed in places where you want to make effective use of space, such as corridors and entrances, is a compact size coat rack that can be used by leaning against a wall. As a coat rack, of course, you can quickly hang your personal belongings in a children's room or kitchen.
Non-slip silicone rubber is attached to the legs and the part that touches the wall, so it is stable and comfortable to use.

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Wooden living tools used according to daily life

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