Storage for children to clean up by themselves

I want to prepare a storage that children can easily put away!

It's about time for the last spurt to prepare for new enrollment. Is it about to be ready for new enrollment? As I prepare various things, I wonder if it's okay to clean up the number of things I use so suddenly. That is.
I often hear from dads and moms who have elementary school children that they can't clean up their school bags! School bags are very heavy for children and difficult to handle as they wish. That's why it's important for children to get rid of them easily. The number and types of textbooks and stationery are much larger than before, and it is difficult to manage various other things in an organized manner. We want to provide storage that is as easy as possible and fun to organize.
Introducing storage for children with cosine that children can easily and enjoyably clean up!

The school bag storage is at a height that can be stored without lifting!

Recently, the problem is that the school bag is too heavy. The proper weight of a school bag is said to be about 15% of the child's weight. Assuming that the first grade of elementary school weighs 20 kg, the school bag still weighs 3 kg. It takes patience and patience for first graders to lift and store 3kg daily. Therefore, please keep in mind that the school bag can be stored without lifting it as much as possible and that it can be easily stored!
Among the cosine children's furniture, we recommend the children's rack that can store the school bag under the coat rack, and the coitti wagon and shelf. It is an item that even children can easily put away because it is a storage that just puts the school bag without lifting it.

School supplies such as textbooks are easy to store and find!

Elementary school students have various kinds of school supplies such as textbooks, stationery, gym clothes, and school hygiene items including items necessary for school lunches. By the time you enter school, it will be important to secure a space where you can store all your school supplies.
A wagon shelf with cosine casters is recommended for storing school supplies. It's an open shelf with no doors or drawers, so it's easy to store and find. If you use the space well, you can store the school bag together, so school supplies will not be scattered around the room, and the next day's school preparations can be done all in front of the wagon shelf. ..

Another thing I would like to consider is the storage of small items when studying at home, drawing or playing games. There are easy-to-use accessory storage methods for children that are easy to keep in and out, and children that are easy to put in and out. Please think carefully about what kind of storage is easy to use and find the best way.
If you are a group that is easy to use, we recommend the Cosine multi-tray. If you have one tray that you need, such as a homework tray, a game tray, and a drawing tray, you can start doing what you want right away. You won't have to start your homework when you go.

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Storage for children to clean up by themselves

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