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From January to October 2020, we will introduce in detail the best-selling items for home use and gifts. This year's bestsellers are all items that make your life comfortable and enriching.
Not only for home use, but also as a gift that will make your life comfortable for your loved ones.

Compact size entrance stool that can be placed at the entrance of a limited space

The entrance stool is a stool made with the concept of a compact size stool that can be used in a limited space such as the entrance. The popular point is the size that keeps the depth to only 25 cm while ensuring the comfort of sitting. The entrance stool, which gives the impression that it is more stable than you can imagine, has a curved seat surface that receives your weight and the plump legs that firmly support the seat surface to provide a stable seating comfort. I will.
If you have a stool at the entrance, you can take off your shoes and put some luggage on it, which makes it much more convenient, so it is recommended not only for home use but also as a gift for a "comfortable life".

The entrance stool is a product packed in cardboard, but it can be wrapped, so please specify a ribbon or Noshi paper (both free of charge) for gifts.
The price is 36,300 yen (tax included) for maple and 38,500 yen (tax included) for walnut.

No.1 in celebration gifts such as opening, opening, and new construction
Convinced to use it at home! That's why you want to give a shoehorn (L) / (S) and a special stand set

If you like fashion and shoes, you definitely want to have a shoehorn. There is an image that shoehorns are used only when men wear leather shoes, but recently, as part of foot care that is important for maintaining health, attention has been paid to choosing shoes that suit the feet and how to wear them correctly, and sneakers and pumps also use shoehorns. There are also scenes where you are advised to wear them. Shoehorns are attracting attention again, but there are long types of cosine that can be used without bending and short types that can be used while sitting. The cosine shoehorn is an item that is often used as a gift because it is easy to use at home. It is also a point that you can choose a long type shoehorn (L) or a short type shoehorn (S) according to the way of life of the giver as a gift. Since it is left at the front door of the house for a long time, if it is set with a dedicated stand that allows you to put a shoehorn in a stylish way without a sense of life, it will be convenient and comfortable to use, and it will give you a high-quality space. You can enjoy it.

The shoehorns (L) and (S) are packed in a paper package, and the special stand is packed in a vanity case. Of course, wrapping is possible, so if you wish to give a gift, please specify a ribbon or Noshi paper (both are free). If you wish to wrap the shoehorn and stand after putting them in the set box (cardboard), it will be a simple wrapping. The price of the shoehorn (L) and dedicated stand set is 20,350 yen (tax included), and the shoehorn (S) set is 18,150 yen (tax included).

Immovable and dignified first place is still a dress rack unexpected + it has a good reputation as a gift if you are pleased!

Speaking of cosine's best and long-selling items, dress racks are the best. It has been steadfastly popular for over 25 years since its release. Dress racks are overwhelmingly purchased for home use, but they are surprisingly often chosen as gifts because of their ease of use, the texture of wood, and the simple design of the interior. It is a gift that is different from ordinary gifts, and it is surprising, and some people say that the person who received it was surprised and pleased. One of the charms is that you can choose from 3 types of 5 colors to suit your interior and taste. You will surely be pleased as the best gift to give a "comfortable life".

All dress racks are prefabricated. The delivery is very compactly packed in cardboard. In the case of a gift, it will be a simple wrapping, but you can use it. You can wrap the cardboard like wrapping paper and attach a sticker-type ribbon or Noshi paper. (Both are free)
The price of the dress rack itself starts from 29,700 yen (tax included), the dress rack (wide) starts from 31,900 yen (tax included), and the dress rack (small) starts from 23,100 yen (tax included).

Christmas wrapping 2020

* All listed prices do not include tax.


There is a reason for being chosen! Give a bestseller

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Christmas wrapping 2020

Christmas wrapping



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