Living tools for children that fit nicely into the living room

Children's furniture with a simple design that fits nicely into spaces used by adults, such as living rooms and free spaces

I want to create a space for children in the living room where the whole family can relax and sometimes have visitors! Children can relax and play with peace of mind if they can see them, so I definitely want to do that. However, it is a surprisingly prepared choice to set up a space for children. This is because many children's furniture tastes do not fit into the living room interior.
All the living tools for children that can be used from a young age of cosine are characterized by a natural and simple design that fits nicely into the interior of the living room while retaining the cuteness of a child. Children's furniture with a design that is not too sweet can create a space for children that parents and children can spend with peace of mind in harmony with other interiors, so the whole family will be happy.

It's fun to clean up!
Leave it to us for playing house and crafts! Egg table

An egg table where the yolk part of the egg is a lid and you can store toys and treasures in the net. You can even practice playing house, crafting, and writing letters.
Since the top plate is finished with melamine resin, it is resistant to daily dirt, water, and heat and easy to clean. You can fold the legs when not in use or when you want to move them.

Various round and child-friendly chairs for children
minis chair and authentic little chair

Both chairs for children with cosine have rounded corners, giving a warm impression and no corners, and are child-friendly.
The minis chair is made of plywood from China, so it is a very light assembly type chair. The Little Chair is an all-solid wood chair with a structure similar to that of an adult chair. Both are chairs that are designed to be close to children, but are not too sweet and can be used for a long time so that you will want a size for adults. Whether you use it with an egg table or with an adult and a center table, it fits nicely into your living room interior. Both can be used from around 3 years old.
In addition, the back of the backrest (Kasagi) of the little chair can be given a name, so it is nice to put your child's name on it.

I feel like a painter. A drawing shelf with a full-fledged atmosphere for drawing lovers

Made of solid wood, the full-scale easel-like drawing shelf that looks great in the living room is a must-have item for drawing lovers. You can enjoy drawing with a special roll paper or by sticking drawing paper on the drawing board. It's a nice point to put it so that you can decorate the picture you drew. And if it is a special roll paper, it is convenient to keep it as a memory in the rolled state even after drawing is finished.
When you no longer use it exclusively for drawing, you can remove the drawing board and continue using it as a hanger rack.
Not only drawing but also writing practice will be more fun with a drawing shelf with a full-fledged atmosphere.

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Living tools for children that fit nicely into the living room

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