2020 nap sofa limited color

Why don't you make a comfortable space for a nap in your house when it's getting easier to spend little by little?

It's getting easier to spend these days, and it feels a little cold. When you lie down on a futon or sofa, it's warm and you may fall asleep for a long time with the intention of taking a nap. Cosine's "nap sofa" fulfills that "sleep a little". This product was designed for "naps", and unlike a sofa that is entirely covered with cushions, the cushion part is a special cushion, which gently supports a nap. Now, we also have special cushions in 2020 limited colors, so you can prepare a comfortable space with your favorite color. The nap sofa is an excellent one that can be used all year round, so please take this opportunity to consider it.

Exclusive cushion for 2020 limited color "Pink" that makes you feel peaceful is the main

"Pink" is a color that imagines women, but nowadays, more and more men are casually incorporating it into fashion. Such "pink" is said to have the effect of calming people and making them feel gentle. Pink also has the psychological effect of color, just as blue color makes you feel cool, your appetite calms down, and red color makes you feel hot and restless. Now that the time spent at home is increasing and stress is not released well, it may be possible to obtain a soothing effect by incorporating an interior with pink or gentle colors into the house and putting it in the field of vision.

We have 2 patterns of special cushions to match with such pink.
It is a pattern that combines warm pink pink that makes you feel warm, yellow that makes you feel energetic, cherry pink that makes you feel a little gentle, and gray gray that gives a calm and urban impression.
The surface of the special cushion is the one with the bunch, but since it can be used on both sides, you can change it to your favorite color according to your room and mood.

The three basic color patterns are dark blue x white, green x orange, and grass x brown, each of which has a color that is familiar to the interior of any house.
The three patterns with easy-to-use colors are very popular, and you can purchase an additional cushion to change your mood.
The surface is made of 100% cotton, so it feels soft and makes you feel comfortable.

What size is the nap sofa?

The size of the compact nap sofa is as shown in the illustration below. The flat seating surface with no backrest and no armrests does not block your view and you can rest in either direction. The width of the seat is assumed to be a slightly bent knee style, so it has a slightly wider depth of 65 cm. The height of the seat is just like a table, and if you remove the cushion, you can use it as a learning table for children.

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2020 nap sofa limited color

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