A cosine coat stand that neatly stores the increased outerwear

Why don't you clean the front door and the room in this season when the outerwear starts to become bulky?

When it gets colder and colder, what you care about in fashion is the "outerwear". Thick and large outerwear, such as trendy outerwear and your favorite outerwear, squeezes your closet or coat stand. It's about the time when it's getting harder to organize the front door and the coat stand you're using doesn't fit.
"I want to wear what I have and what's new as I like without throwing it away." ... There are plenty of coat stands and applicable living tools that can meet such demands.
Let's wear your favorite outerwear and survive the cold season!

"Twin coat stand" that can be hung without overlapping because it is a spinning part

The twin coat stand, which consists of two columns and two hanging parts, is recommended for those who "want to hang the outerwear of the family all over" and "want to make it easy to take out because there are a lot of sheets".
Since the heights of the two hanging parts are different, you can hang a long long coat on the upper part and children's clothes and short lengths on the lower part. I can.
The base uses a weight, and since it is a solid and self-supporting type, it is okay to wear a slightly heavy outerwear.
You can choose from 2 tree species according to the atmosphere of the room, corridor, and entrance.

I want to clean up my favorite outerwear!
"Tree rack" with a natural design

The "Tree Rack" is recommended for those who "have a lot of things to put in the front door but prefer to keep them clean overall". It has a slightly unusual design reminiscent of a "tree standing in the forest," and is used by leaning against a wall rather than by itself. You can put a coat or muffler on the hanging part that makes you think of a branch to make it a "show storage", or you can use it as an aid to the coat rack you are using now.
The overall weight is 1.2 kg, which is very light and easy to carry, so layout changes are easy. The compact tree rack can be used not only at the entrance but also in the room, study, kitchen, etc.

eh! Is there such a usage?
Long best-selling "dress rack"

The "Dress Rack" sold as a hanger rack is recommended for those who "want to prepare a lot of outerwear" and "want to hang it firmly on a hanger".
The dress rack, which has a simple design and can be used as an option, can actually be used at the entrance.
You can wear your favorite outerwear, or use it with an optional hanger to keep your outerwear clean and tidy.
The width of the dress rack is 75.5 cm for normal size and 104.5 cm for wide size.
In addition, the total width of the dress rack can be ordered from 65 to 124 cm, so it is highly recommended for those who are looking for the optimum size "dress rack".

We also offer a higher-grade coat stand, which is the ultimate in skill created by designers and craftsmen.

High-quality coat stand "lepore coat stand" that stands like a butler

The "lepore coat stand" is recommended for those who "want to use a particular coat stand for a long time" or "want to keep it clean with high-quality items".
The reason why the clothes you hang naturally look like sophisticated and high-quality clothes may be because the butler seems to be standing with his jacket carefully. The lepore coat stand, which hangs from above with a solid foundation of granite, has a design consisting of a base and a single pillar, and the feet are neatly refined. With matching lepore hangers, you can create a sense of unity in the area.

"Airs coat rack" that makes the space high-quality with a louver-shaped blindfold

"Airs coat rack" is recommended for those who "do not want to see the outerwear from the customer".
The louver-shaped design, which is evenly spaced, hides the hung clothes from the surrounding eyes. Since the light passes between the boards, it is not hidden too much and does not give a feeling of blockage like a wall. You can hang your favorite suit or coat in your bedroom or study room, or place it in the drawing room to store your outerwear.

* All listed prices do not include tax.

Warm welcome

Cosine coat stand for neat storage of increased outerwear

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