Parents and children have fun at home with their fathers and mothers

Let's enjoy "Oyako time" with parents and children while at home!

The effects of the new coronavirus that occurred about a year ago are still ongoing.
There are many homes that are creatively devised to have a good time at home, and among them, those who have tried to cut off to make the inside of the house as comfortable as possible or have changed the design to create a workplace. I think there are many.
Would you like to arrange the lives of children next time? While many children spend their time doing what they like at home, it seems that children will be able to spend their time at home more enjoyably by trying various things with adults and making it fun to help. We have stools that can be used as helpers, bookshelves, and display shelves, as well as desks that can be adjusted in height, so let's take this opportunity to enjoy and enrich your life with children!

A common space for everyone.
An item to enjoy your time in the kitchen!

Nest stools can be used as small bookshelves for everyday use, or small items can be placed and displayed. You can use it for a long time as a convenient fashionable item. In addition, it is also useful as an auxiliary tool that small children can use in their daily lives, such as as a chair or as a stepping stone. Since the three sizes are in one set, the height and usage are flexible. You can also use it like a staircase by arranging it with steps. It's solid, heavy and strong, so you don't have to worry about it falling over. Of course, it's okay for adults to ride! It can also be used as a stepping stone for picking up tableware and cooking utensils on high shelves.

Assist the work of the man with a tray table with casters

If there are various things in the sink, it will be a little narrower with children. But it is also difficult to secure a place. In such a case, the cosine tray table can be easily moved with casters, so you can put what you need and move it closer to your mother. Since you can secure a large work space around the sink, cooking with children will be more fun.
The tray table is moved according to the movements of mothers and children, and there is no height, so you can quickly get what you need. The tray can be removed, so you can put the finished food and sweets on it and carry it as it is. One side is made of melamine resin, so you can put it on without worrying about getting wet with water, and after removing the upper and lower trays, you can fold it compactly, so it's easy to clean up afterwards.

When the food is completed, today is a fun way for parents and children to enjoy their usual meals.

Even for children, the special time of "I was able to help" is important, and the finished dish is set on the tray! Since it is finished with urethane coating that is resistant to moisture, it can be used with children without worrying about it. The cosine tray is available in two tree species, maple and walnut, and comes in large and small sizes. Even at meal time, the voice "I made it!" Seems to echo.

Recommended item "work desk" to spend a good time playing in the room or studying

The height of the cosine work desk is adjustable, so you can use it as your child grows, and you can also adjust the height from the standing desk to the table.
A mother irons, writes a household account book, and sews near a child playing. Children will tell their moms and dads by their side that they have something fun or interesting.
The smart design makes it ideal for watching styles without getting in the way even in the living room. At Cosine, some employees use it as an office desk.

The best "children's clock" to teach children how to read the clock to develop their sense of time

Why don't you incorporate a clock that is easy for children to read into your life so that you can be willing to spend your days regularly? The cosine children's clock has a candy-colored "minute" display printed on it, and there are many ideas that are easy for children to use from the time they learn how to read the clock. If you read the green number pointed by the green needle and the candy-colored number pointed by the white needle, you will be able to understand "what time is it now?". From the beginning to the end of the day, prepare a clock that is easy for children to read so that you can enjoy learning the sense of time.
It is also possible to enter names such as names and anniversaries that give a special feeling of "only for me!".

This season is getting colder day by day.
When children get tired of playing, they fall asleep anywhere. I want to put on a warm blanket so that I won't catch a cold.
We offer blankets from mini size to half size for cosine. It is a size that can be used not only by children but also by adults, so it is recommended to share it or prepare two sheets, one for mothers and one for children.
Slowly lie down in a warm, comfortable blanket to heal the tiredness of your daily chores and work.

* All listed prices do not include tax.


Parents and children have fun at home with their fathers and mothers

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