Both design and functionality ◎ Recommended living tools for new life

Fold it up and "quickly"
"Easy to move" with casters
A living tool with good design and functionality,
Make your new life more comfortable!

There are many items in the cosine that have the same design as the cosine, but also have functionality such as being foldable, having casters for easy movement, and being equipped with a robot vacuum cleaner.
Now that we are entering a new season and want to start a new life or change our lives better, we would like to introduce you to living tools with outstanding design and functionality.
Please choose a living tool with ◎ design and functionality for a new life that will finally start and for a more comfortable life!

A natural-look living tool that can be folded and stored quickly when and where it is needed.

Preparing clothes to wear tomorrow, hanging room clothes, drying towels ... If you have a rack that you can use quickly when and where you need it, your life will be a little more convenient and comfortable. A rack that can be used quickly where you need it will be useful in a variety of situations, such as when it is difficult to dry the laundry outside in a room.
Cosine's long and best-selling dress rack is also foldable, with legs closed to a depth of 7 cm, so you can store it in a small gap. The smart rack, which can be hung with urethane coating, has a depth of 3.5 cm when the legs are closed and folded, so it is a great help item that can be used quickly when needed. You can use it conveniently in your daily life, such as in the bedroom, today in the bathroom, and tidying up when there are visitors.
The tray table, which is convenient when you want to put small items or put everything you need for work at home, can be folded by removing the tray, so it is a convenient table that you can use when and where you need it. You can use it as a side table next to the sofa, sometimes in the dining room, and sometimes as a temporary stand for work tools, when you need it.

When working or doing household chores, move to the immediate vicinity
Move quickly when cleaning.
For movable storage with casters
Work, housework and cleaning are smooth!

The tray table, which can be folded by removing the tray, also has casters. You can use it as a side table by pulling it near the sofa, or you can move it as it is when you use it in the dining room, so you can move it to the required place without leaving the table in each place and use it very much. Convenient.
Since the wagon shelf is a storage shelf with casters, you can store a set of tools necessary for telework and remote work, which have been increasing recently, move to the work space when you work, and move it to the wall when you are done. It is a nice point to be able to move to the required place when necessary, such as keeping it. It is also convenient when you store household chores and move to a place to work. Another nice point of living tools with casters is that you can easily move around when cleaning! Let's make work, housework and cleaning smooth with storage with casters!


Both design and functionality ◎ Recommended living tools for new life

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