New Spring Life-A little extra living tool recommended for the living room

A small "plus" can make a big difference!
The living / dining room where family members gather is also neat and tidy

I want to make it a place where the whole family can relax. Living / dining is the most difficult place to keep in order. That is why it is also the place where you want to keep things tidy. The most cluttering factor in living and dining is the clutter of small things that are really close to the whole family. Put things in a conspicuous place that you don't need for a long time, such as things that you don't need at home when you come back and go out the next day, but that you don't need to bring to your room. By doing so, small things will be scattered.
Therefore, simply adding trays and shelves to store each small item so that they can be collected in one place will change the impression of living and dining. This time, we will introduce such useful items.

"Multi-tray" that allows families to use small items together

With a multi-tray that can accommodate A4 size with plenty of space, you can keep small necessities for each family together. Put glasses, notebooks and watches used by fathers, handkerchiefs, pouches and hand mirrors used by mothers, game consoles, notebooks and pencils used by children, and remote controls used by everyone. It is a multi-tray that can be used very conveniently by preparing each tray for the whole family. Of course, it can also be used as a letter case or document case, so it is a recommended wooden living tool for living room and desk arrangement.

Two can be placed sideways between the legs of the cosine "Living Shelf 85 / Living Shelf 120" and "TV Board / TV Board (Wide)" that can be used as living room storage.
If you put small items used in the living room in the multi-tray and put them on the living shelf of the storage shelf, the living / dining room will be neatly tidied up.

"Book stand" for storage that shows books and magazines that are being read

Books, magazines, newspapers, etc. that you are reading can be solved neatly just by putting them together on the book stand.
Since the cosine of the book stand can prop up against the book also in the vertical and horizontal and diagonal what direction you fashionable and efficiently housed in the sense that display. It is also effective for shortening the time in your life by storing them in a fixed place.

"Wagon table" for a comfortable relaxing time by adding a little to the sofa

The wagon table, which is perfect for relaxing time, is very convenient when used with a platform sofa or a nap sofa. You can enjoy tea and reading by sitting on the sofa and pulling the wagon table. If the seating surface of the sofa is within 46 cm and there is a gap of 6.5 cm or more under the sofa, you can use it by inserting it into the sofa. There is also a magazine rack next to it so you can stand your favorite magazines and books.


New Spring Life-A little extra living tool recommended for the living room

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