New Spring Life-Recommended little extra living tools at the entrance

Easy to organize, easy to select, easy to take out Storage that makes your busy new life smooth

If you can quickly put in and take out your shoes when you go out or come back, or if you have a storage that allows you to quickly hang your outerwear, you can shorten the time to go out and keep things organized in your daily life, so even if you are busy every day. It seems that you can live with your room in order.
Introducing living tools around the entrance that will make your busy spring new life smoother.

At the entrance with limited space
Efficient storage, compact and beautiful living tools play an active role

1. 1. Rainy rack (umbrella hanging)

For example, "Rainy Rack" is not an "umbrella stand" but a "umbrella stand", which makes it easy to use, beautiful when stored, and easy to take out quickly. By hanging an umbrella vertically and storing it, you can install it compactly without taking up space, and you can go out smoothly.

2. 2. Shoe rack (shoe holder)

The shoe rack, which is perfect for resting the shoes you wore all day long, can be sorted according to the height of the shoes you store. It is also nice to put shoes you often wear or your favorite shoes on the top, and decorate the interior with green. You can quickly select and put on your shoes in good condition, so you can go out comfortably.

3. 3. Entrance stool & shoehorn (S) and stand

I wish there was a stool at the entrance when tying shoelaces or when I wanted to put some luggage on it, but if I'm worried that I don't have enough space to put it, I recommend the Cosine entrance stool. If you can make effective use of space in a compact size, you can make the entrance more convenient and easy to use, even if you have given up on it because there is not enough space. It is also recommended to line up with a shoehorn (S) that can be used while sitting.

4. Leaf rack (slipper rack)
Tree rack (coat rack), entrance mirror

If you choose the size and style of mirrors, coat racks, and slipper racks to check your appearance, you may be able to place them at the entrance depending on how you use the space. If you choose something that is easy to move around, you can move to the front door only when you need it, such as when you have a plan to visit.

Warm welcome

New Spring Life-Recommended little extra living tools at the entrance

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Set of shoehorn (L) and stand

  • 20,350円
  • sh0104nmwdset

Beauty of standing, warmth of texture It is a se...

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Rainie rack

  • 25,300円
  • us02cmw

Align, hang,
Umbrella rack that can be used ...

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Leaf rack

  • 23,100円
  • sr03nmw

Slipper rack that is clean and easy to use A sli...

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Shoe rack

  • 36,300円
  • sr04cm

Put your shoes in the usual place, and at the cle...

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Entrance stool

  • 36,300円
  • st13nm

Does not take up space
A stool that makes the ...

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Shoehorn (S) and stand set

  • 18,150円
  • sh0204nmwdset

The beauty of standing and the warmth of the touch...

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Tree rack

  • 22,000円
  • dr16nmw

Compact size storage A coat rack that can be use...

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