Children's first furniture

"I, my first XX"
Let's support children for the first time

We have a wide range of products such as children's first chairs, children's first desks, clocks, clothes racks, etc. that are close to "children's first XX". Little chairs and minis chairs that are perfect for "first chairs" that can be used from around 3 years old. By the time you go to kindergarten or elementary school, we will introduce Cosine products that can support "my first XX" such as "children's rack" that will allow you to clean up your personal belongings.

When I was able to grab and stand, my own "little chair" and "minis chair"

I recommend the "Little Chair" and "minis Chair" as my own children's chairs. The height of the seat of the little chair is 24 cm, and the height of the seat of the minis chair is 25 cm, so it is a perfect chair for children from around 3 years old. Little chairs that can be personalized and minis chairs with an impressive adorable design are also popular for celebrations such as Shichigosan. Since it is a cute chair, it can also be used as a display stand for placing clocks, lights, flower pots, etc., so even if children grow up, they can use it for a long time.

"Children's rack" for the first time to wear clothes

The "Children's Rack" is recommended for the first time to put on clothes so that you can clean up by yourself. The height can be changed in 3 steps according to the growth of children, so you can continue to use it even if you grow up. The storage tray is provided so you can start using it as soon as it arrives.
If you put it in your room, you will be very pleased if you can make something "for yourself" just like an adult when you want to grow taller. By placing your own children's rack, you can help make it fun to hang your clothes.

My first clock "Children's clock"

When you go to elementary school, classes on time calculation and how to read the clock will begin. It is this "children's clock" that allows children who read the clock for the first time to learn how to read it. You will be able to remember how to read differently between "hour" and "minute", such as "hour" on the green short hand and "minute" on the white long hand. Also, when reading in "minutes", you can read at a glance by looking at the light-colored numbers. When you start to get used to reading the clock, these light-colored numbers gradually become difficult to see due to the aging of maple.
The clock is made of wood, so the natural and gentle atmosphere is perfect for a children's room. At first, keep the numbers within easy reach and occasionally touch the texture and weight of the wood. I think that children's sense of trees will be nurtured.

Perfect for your first desk
coitti desk and coitti chair

As children grow up, it is the study desk for new enrollment that they think about. Cosine has a children's desk and chair called "coitti" that won the Good Design Award in 2019. These coitti desks and chairs are high-performance desks whose height can be changed according to the growth of children, and adjustments are made with parts called extension legs and casters. The simple design allows it to be used by students from the lower grades of elementary school to high school and college students. Even as an adult, it can be used as a work desk or a workbench for hobbies, so it can be used for a very long time. For the study desk you use for the first time, we recommend the "coitti desk and chair," which is a living tool that creates attachment.

A work desk that can be used as both a standing desk and a sitting table

It is a functional desk that can be used continuously by changing the height of the top plate from pre-school children to adults.
The design is neat even when placed in the living room, so it is perfect as a living workspace where you can study and do housework. The height can be adjusted from the height that can be used standing up to the height of the table at a 6 cm pitch. Since the work desk is an assembly type, it can be disassembled into pieces and carried compactly when moving or moving. Assembly takes about 25 minutes for two adults. It's a desk that you'll want to use even as an adult, with a lot of excitement from the time you open the box, and you can fully enjoy the fun of making it.


Children's first furniture

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