Nice wooden accessories around the desk

The warmth of wood and functionality are sufficient.
Wooden desk wear that makes you want to use it for a long time with attachment

In England, "Touch Wood" is a magic to avoid disasters. There is a theory that wood is a word born from the image of safety, but it is certain that you can feel relieved and gentle when you really have small wood accessories nearby. It's a real feeling. How about a wooden accessory that makes you feel relaxed around your desk?
Introducing items around the desk of Cosine with a small story born from the desire to use up the wood that is the material, with a little ingenuity in the function.

A desk organizer that keeps small items around your desk neat and tidy

The desk organizer, which comes with a tray and three parts, allows you to neatly put small things such as smartphones, memos, clips, and pens that are easily scattered around the desk.
We make use of materials that are smaller than the size of furniture, which is in the process of making cosine products. The pen stand is lined with holes of different sizes so that you can stand a thick 4-color ballpoint pen from a thin pencil, and a memo stand with three grooves wide enough to stand a smartphone from a few memos, which is unique to Cosine. It's packed with ingenuity.
The three parts can be used either in the tray or separately from the tray.

Bookend to fully enjoy the texture of solid wood

The cosine bookend is made of solid wood with a thickness of 28 mm, making the most of the unique look of wood, and has a solid sense of stability. Bookends are also items made by making use of the small materials that come out in the process of making furniture. It is a special bookend that you can enjoy the unique grain of the material and the texture of the wood.

A small wooden card stand on which cards and memos can be placed

It is a card stand that makes use of the technique for joining wooden members called finger joints. As the name suggests, finger joints are a technique for making the bonding area wider and stronger by cutting wood in a zigzag pattern and matching the two with the fingers of both hands. This technique is combined with the small materials used in the process of making the product to make a card stand. We named it "wood peace," because it looks like they are holding hands together when the two are combined.

I want to decorate the book I'm reading so that it can be displayed!
It's not just a book stand

A book stand with a simple structure in which eight round bars stand vertically on a solid wood board. You can not only store books, but also arrange them for display in various layouts.
You can use it on the floor next to a sofa or easy chair, or on a bookshelf.
You can enjoy the books as if they were part of the interior by arranging the books you are reading or your favorite books on the display.

The essentials of daily life are also made into interiors with the texture of wood.
Natural and simple design tissue box

A tissue that is indispensable for living and dining. A tissue box that fits in with the interior will reduce the feeling of life.
Taking advantage of the texture of wood, the finish and design with attention to detail make it fit nicely on a table or desk.
A tissue box that conveys the warmth of wood with a design that inherits the details of "dress rack", which is synonymous with cosine.

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Nice wooden accessories around the desk

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