Comfortably moist at the entrance of the rainy season → Karari A well-ventilated entrance that dries well

Living tools to comfortably wear shoes and jackets that you want to prepare for the coming season

You want your shoes and jackets that get wet in the rain to dry cleanly so that you can wear them comfortably the next day.
There are living tools that are useful even during the rainy season, such as shoe racks that allow you to rest your shoes that you wore all day long, and rainy racks that allow you to hang the umbrellas of the whole family in a straight line.
If the entrance is neat and comfortable, you can feel darker than the rainy season. Here are some of the living tools that will be a big success in the coming season!

With a well-ventilated shoe rack, you can rest your shoes that you want to cherish.

In the coming season, the number of rainy days will increase and the shoes will tend to get wet. If you do not dry it properly, you may feel uncomfortable when you wear it, or it may cause an odor. Rather than putting the shoes you wore for a day directly on the floor, you can rest your shoes in a well-ventilated place by placing them on a slightly taller shoe rack.
Since each step has a different height, you can store various shoes such as children's shoes, sneakers, mountain climbing shoes, and middle boots. Eight pairs of shoes can be stored, and shoes that are often used by family members can be stored in one place.

"Rainy rack" with an umbrella for good ventilation and good drainage

Rainy racks can be hung with long umbrellas in a straight line, and folding umbrellas that are difficult to place can also be hung on the protrusions on the top. Since the umbrella can be stored in a straight state, it drains well and dries faster.
The dropped water drops collect in the lower tray, but they can be removed, so even if they get dirty, they can be washed completely.
Although it is a compact size that can effectively use the space at the entrance, it also has the storage capacity to hang an umbrella for the whole family. The water-resistant urethane coating allows you to hang a wet umbrella without hesitation. Let's put an umbrella on it to show it.

Dry well before closing in the closet Compact living tools that you can quickly hang on

I want to dry rain gear and other wet accessories before putting them in the closet.
In such a case, we recommend the compact "ladder rack" that does not take up space. It is a type that can be used by leaning against a wall, and is lightweight and easy to move. Above all, it is difficult to take up space, so it is the best living tool for homes that want to make effective use of space. The ladder rack is urethane coated and resistant to water, so it can be hung even when it is wet. In addition to the entrance, you can hang a towel in the kitchen and a hand towel in the dressing room. In addition, there are various ways to use it, such as hanging green as an interior accent.

A "tree rack" that allows you to quickly hang small items around you that you use when you go out, such as stoles, hats, and bags. It's oil-finished, so it's not strong against wet items, but it's also recommended if you want to organize small items and outerwear that you use every day. As it is a space-saving and compact product like a ladder rack, it is characterized by its light usability that allows it to be quickly moved to the required location.
Going out tends to be a hassle during the rainy season, but you can prepare for going out lightly and comfortably with easy-to-use living tools.
Now that I spend a lot of time at home, "Tree Rack" helps to keep the front door tidy. As the name suggests, the tree-shaped design is also a distinctive item that attracts attention.

Higher quality entrance item "lepore umbrella stand"

There are some items in the higher quality item "cosine collection" that you can spend a rainy day comfortably, but the "lepore umbrella stand" is especially active.
The round part that supports the umbrella of the lepore umbrella stand makes full use of the craftsman's molding technology, which is made by stacking 12 single plates with a thickness of 1 mm. The water receiver is made of granite, which is not easily damaged even if it receives the tip of an umbrella and is easy to clean.
How about redecorating the entrance where you can spend the rainy season comfortably with the calm colors of the beautifully shaped walnut?

Warm welcome

Comfortably moist at the entrance of the rainy season → A well-ventilated entrance that dries well

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