Good at drying the room with 3

Really smart. Recommended for drying the room.

In addition to the rainy season, outdoor drying may be a concern depending on the season such as pollen, exhaust gas, and yellow sand. It would be a great help if you could make a choice without worrying about the outdoor environment. However, indoor drying has the problem that it does not dry dry, the smell of dryness is annoying, and the atmosphere of the room is spoiled.
Here are three items that will help you dry your room a little nicely and comfortably.

Move to a sunny or windy place and dry wisely "Dress Rack"

The dress rack can be used quickly in a place with good sunlight and wind. If you use a hanger or a square hanger with a pinch well, you can dry the room compactly without spoiling the aesthetics of the room.
It's also nice that it fits in a thin 7 cm when folded.
A dress rack that can be used quickly when needed is of course "hanging clothes" and "drying", but it also plays a role in drying futons. You can dry the futon indoors without worrying about rain or pollen.

Compact clothesline "Smart Rack" for dressing rooms and washrooms

If you want to quickly dry wet towels and foot mats, Smart Rack is recommended.
The width is 64 cm, so you can easily dry bath towels. The rule of thumb for drying a room is to dry wet things quickly!
Of course, it works well in utility rooms, but it has a simple design that does not make you feel uncomfortable when placed in the living room or bedroom. Since it is urethane coated, there is no need to worry about mold due to humidity.

Easy-to-use "ladder rack" wherever you want to use

The ladder rack is also a living tool that makes an outstanding performance in the utility room. It is a flexible rack that can be used wherever you want, despite its compact installation area. You can further increase the storage capacity by hanging a towel etc. on the horizontal bar or using an S-shaped hook.
Because it is compact, it is also ideal for effective use of the space around a narrow wash basin.
Since the ladder rack is urethane coated, you can easily hang it on damp items. The weight is as light as 2.4 kg, so it is easy to move. The legs on the semi-cylindrical surface give a smooth and natural impression to the hands.


Good at drying the room with 3

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