Make effective use of vacant walls for more fun storage

"Somehow murderous scenery" "Somehow uncoordinated"
Such problems in the interior may be solved by using walls.

The overseas rooms you see in interior magazines are very attractive. One of the factors is the good use of walls. Recently, the number of goods that make walls look attractive, such as small shelves that can be attached to walls and wall stickers, has increased in Japan. If you can use the walls better, the atmosphere of the room will change drastically.
This time, we will introduce some of the cosine living tools that can be used well on the wall.

"Mine hook" that gives the wall a function and expression to make it more convenient and personal

"Mine hook" is a hook with a rhythmic impression, with 5 hooks with a wave motif lined up. It is a wall-mounted product that can be used as a storage space even in limited places such as entrances and corridors.
It has a shape that allows you to hang a thick coat, including accessories such as stoles and hats, and has excellent functionality. Even when nothing is hung, it will accent your room with a quiet and beautiful look. The design is particular about details, such as hiding the screws that attach to the wall with a cork.

"Tree Rack" is a rack that can be displayed anywhere you need it.

A smart and compact rack that can be used anywhere, such as the entrance, living room, study, or children's room. It is lightweight at 1.2 kg and easy to carry, so you can quickly create a storage space where you need it.
There are 6 large hooks that can be hung on a jacket, hat, bag, etc., and 1 small hook that can be hung on a key chain or small items. The T-shaped legs have non-slip silicone rubber so they won't slip even on flooring.
Arrange the walls in your own way by hanging your favorite or frequently used items.

My space "ladder rack" and "carry mirror" using a wall that can be installed with a width of 1 meter

My space where you can compactly organize what you need for the next day's preparation and dressing by using a set of a slim mirror that reflects the whole body neatly, and a ladder rack that can be used by leaning against a wall and hanging wet things with urethane coating. To.
The carry mirror is 35.5 cm wide and the ladder rack is 56 cm wide, so you can create your own space within 1 meter wide.

"Airs wall mirror" that decorates the first wall most impressively

A wall mirror that can be used practically by placing a clock or accessory on a tray engraved in the frame, and its attractive size and shape are just right for displaying your favorite accessories and enjoying the look of the wall. The gentle shape of solid walnut carved with the latest technology gives an impression of flexibility that blends into your own space.
Please enjoy the happiness of living surrounded by your favorite "good things".


Make effective use of vacant walls for more fun storage

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