Organize your desk neatly

-Make your home an office-
"Another device" to create a space where you can concentrate

Now that the number of people working at home is increasing, is there anyone who has desks and chairs but hasn't cleaned up the small items around the desk?
When the workplace changes, it will take some time before the fixed position of the object is decided. Even if I decide "here!" Once, I move while thinking about usability. But when that situation is about to settle down. Now that the fixed position of things has begun to be determined, let's arrange the desk area with warm wooden accessories.

For organizing books and files

"Bookends", "coitti bookends", and "bookends" are recommended for organizing things you want to keep, such as books and files. Each has a different shape, and the storage that we are good at is also slightly different.
The bookend can be used as a stopper or spacer for files and materials that you lean against. The coitti bookend has corners, making it ideal for corner ends. The book stand can be leaned vertically, diagonally, or horizontally, so it can be used as a partition and file stand for each project.
Find the perfect shape for organizing your documents in your work room or desk and store them neatly and easily.

For organizing stationery such as pens

A convenient desk organizer that uses parts for small items such as writing utensils and clips that are often used.
It can be partially used on a desktop because it can be divided into four parts such as a pen stand, a clip holder, a memo stand, and a pen tray. The "multi-tray" is convenient for storing writing utensils, memos, and small items all at once.
It's a very solid tray, so it's highly recommended for storing things that you use occasionally.
Coitti's pen holders and multi-holders are ideal if you have boards around your desk that stick to each other with magnets. Since there is a magnet on the back side, you can attach it to the board and move the storage from the desktop for a refreshing look. There is also a coitti memo holder that sticks with a magnet, so it seems to be very useful not only at work desks but also in kitchens.
The coitti magnet also creates a warm atmosphere around the desk with the warmth unique to small wooden items.
When you want to use it, decide on a fixed position on your desk so that you don't lose your concentration, such as "Where did you put it away?" Or "I should have put it here ...".

When you get tired, refresh with the scent!

How about aroma oils and mists that give off the scent of the forest when you get tired? The scents collected from the trees and herbs that live in Hokkaido are soothing.
The original blend "Cosine Forest Fragrance" is a blend of Picea glehnii, Abies sachalinensis, Peppermint, Lavender, Bergamot, Rosewood, etc., giving it a colorful scent inspired by the forest of Hokkaido.
Let's take a quick blow after a break or work and refresh with the aroma!


Organize your desk neatly

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