Factory outlet ☆ Only one item such as display products and unique wood grain products

Display products and unique wood grain products
Only one item at a special price!

We have prepared only one item at a special price, such as the display items exhibited at the store and the items with unique wood grain.
The display product has a used feeling, but it has the appeal of being able to enjoy the state in which the white bark maple has changed over time to a glossy candy color.
Also, some display items have already been discontinued, so this is good news for those who are looking for them!
Please take this opportunity to find the item you were interested in or the item you were looking for!

The unique wood grain item is a one-of-a-kind item, as long as it has traces of the environment that has grown over many years engraved on the trunk and appears as "knots" or "skins".

The unique grain of wood is a sign that the tree was alive and growing in nature.

Trees grow while adapting to the local climate. Therefore, traces of the environment that has grown over many years are engraved on the trunk. "Knots" and "skins" are records of the growth process.
At Cosine, in the process of making a product, we try to prevent the individuality of the tree from appearing too much, such as using the one with some "knots" and "skins" on the back side. However, some of them may come out on the surface as the processing progresses. This time, we will introduce items that have such a unique grain of wood.
Why don't you live with only one tree living tool in the world where the sign that the tree lived and grew in nature is the point? Also, the one-of-a-kind special items will surely make you happy even if you give them a gift.

A living clause is a trace of a branch growing by being caught in the trunk while it is alive (not withered). Since it is a living branch, it is firmly connected to the tissue of the trunk so that it will not break even if many leaves are attached, so it is a node that will not fall out.

A dead knot is a trace of a branch that has died in the process of growth and has grown by being wrapped in a trunk while involving the bark as it is. Because of the traces that were created without being integrated with the surrounding tissue, it sometimes grows into a type of node that can be completely removed, called a missing node.

In the process of growing in the harsh nature, when the bark is damaged by natural disasters or the work of animals, the bark is left as a trace of trying to heal by taking the wound into its own trunk. is. It is a proof that the tree has lived robustly in the harsh nature.

Gold streaks / mineral streaks are black streaks that appear along the grain and conduits. It is a trace of the tree itself sucking up minerals from the ground through a conduit to repair the damage it receives during the growth process. It is a characteristic mark that can be said to be a proof that it has taken root in the earth and has grown and lived.


Factory outlet ☆ Display item and one-of-a-kind item with unique wood grain

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