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The new series of cosine collections are lifestyle-friendly lifestyle tools.
Chairs, desks, side tables.
All have a universal appearance and match any space.
It is a piece of furniture that is highly utility and will become more and more attached to you as you continue to use it.

Living tools and furniture used at home are things that will be used for a long time, so I want to meet what I really like and incorporate it into my life. Living with a gem that I really like is fun every day and makes me feel like I'm feeling more comfortable in my life.
All the items in the cosine collection are beautifully shaped and highly functional. The cosine collection, which designers and creators work together to create with craftsmanship, will surely meet your favorite gems.

Embodying the commitment of being an artist "coa" The first thing I thought about was a chair

The chair is a representative player of furniture.
The legs, seat (horizontal to the floor), and back (vertical to the floor) are common elements of all furniture.
The coa chair, which was designed by the artist who designed coa, "Let's make a design that furniture designers wouldn't think of because they are experts", is "the appearance as a thing" before the design. .. I made that figure appear as a product.

Draw a figure that can be seen when the number of components of the chair is minimized, and give it the minimum function that can be realized as a chair. And the first impression does not blur the craft feeling. I want to make you imagine the "real appearance" of the chair. Mr. Nobu Iga said, "When I design a chair, I have to start from there before I can move on to the next development." The coa chair was born first.

"Coa chair"

It may be a sculpture named "chair".

"I think the line between sculpture and tools can be ambiguous. The idea of" what must be "narrows the way of life and way of life. You are free to use whatever you want. Please put things around you that you can live comfortably. It's important to have your own style. Recently, I feel that a simple life is good. "Iga says.

A simple shape composed of right angles, and a familiar form and feel.
Please enjoy living with "coa", which is a delicate balance, to your heart's content.

Sphere hidden in "coa"

There is an invisible sphere of about 5 cmφ at the tip and corner of "coa".

The shape that appears when the sphere moves horizontally and vertically and fills the space in the shape of furniture. The rounded surface is smooth and the whole is moist and matte. The back of the seat and top plate is flat.

I imagine that furniture is a lump.

After the design of the "coa chair" was decided, the design of the half chair, desk, stool, and side table was decided according to the same concept.

The height of the half chair does not get in the way in the room, and it has a good balance between the freedom of the upper body and the feeling of holding when sitting and working.

The stool also feels strongly as a fusion of sculpture and tools, and it fits in the place wherever it is placed, and its existence is cute. Besides using it in a house, it must be spectacular to see a lot of it lined up in a public space.

The top plate of the desk and side table is a semicircular shape of the end of the chair seat. The unity of the series is expressed without any strangeness. You can see the craftsmanship in the connection between the top plate and the legs.

Optimal combination according to the 5 color spaces you can choose

We have prepared 5 color variations for making coa (core).
Available in white, gray, green, and brown, including the main color natural. You can choose the color that suits your space, atmosphere, and your taste. You can freely combine the colors of the desk and chair. Enjoy as you envision, such as "pretty" and "stylish".

It would be great if "coa" could be a piece of furniture that you want to be there, rather than a tool for daily life that is all about functionality.

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