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"Walnut", one of the world's three most famous trees

Walnut is one of the deciduous trees of the genus Walnut in the family Walnut, and the type of tree currently used when making furniture is mainly black walnut.
The wood is characterized by its deep black and deep brown color, and it grows slowly over time, so its fine and beautiful grain is attractive. It is one of the three major woods along with teak and mahogany wood, and has been used as a furniture material in Europe for a very long time.
At Cosine, we mainly make living tools from two tree species, maple, which has a refreshing white and smooth bark, and walnut, which has a deep and calm impression. Even with the same design, you can enjoy a completely different look with Maple and Walnut. Introducing Walnut's living tools that bring a high-quality feel and a quiet and calm look to your life.

Compare the difference between maple and walnut with dress rack

Both are excellent materials for wood grain and touch, but maple and walnut have completely different atmospheres even if they are the same product. Maple has a refreshing and gentle impression, while walnut has a profound and astringent impression. Please enjoy the walnut wood grain and the characteristic dark brown color, which have been loved as furniture materials for a long time, in your daily life.

Enjoy the "color" and "grain" of walnut

If you want to fully enjoy the attractive "color" and "grain" of walnut, the table is recommended. You can fully enjoy the charm of walnut with the wide top plate, and the gentle shape of the top plate enhances the beauty of walnut. There is a side table that can be used on the sofa side and a dining table that can be ordered in size, so please choose according to the layout of your room.
We also recommend walnut stools along with the table. There are various items that you can enjoy the grain and color of walnut, such as the entrance stool that is placed at the entrance to support the putting on and taking off of shoes, and the mine stool that has a characteristic design like the surface of the water.

Add quality to your room with walnut accessories

Even if the entire room is natural and light in color, the impression will change dramatically by using walnut points. The beautiful color and grain of walnut blends in with a variety of tastes, giving the room a slightly refined atmosphere.
Walnut accessories are also available at Cosine, such as MUKU clocks (small) and mine clocks (small) that can be used as table clocks, tissue boxes and bookends that can be used in the living room, trays that can be used for serving tea, and tabletop arrangements. All of them can be used in various places such as multi-tray that can be used.
It is recommended not only to use points in light-colored interiors, but also to give a sense of unity to the walnut-centered interior. It is also an easy-to-choose item for gifts.


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