Arrange in a comfortable room

Would you like to arrange a more comfortable room and update your feelings together?

The heat has gradually subsided, and the mornings and evenings have gradually become easier to spend, and autumn is just around the corner. I spend a lot of time at home these days, but in the fall and winter I spend more time at home. Why not update your room to a comfortable space before it gets cold in winter? Here are some recommended items for relaxing in the fall.

"Nap sofa" that can be used in various ways because of its simple design

The nap sofa has a simple design with no backrest, so you can lie down and take a nap, or use it as a substitute for a low table.
The design features a low seating surface without a backrest, so it does not create a feeling of oppression in the room and makes it a spacious space. The exquisite seat height, which is higher than the floor and lower than the sofa and chair, is ideal for relaxing time with a sense of security and stability. There is a special cushion for the nap sofa, but it is also recommended to customize it with your favorite fabric. Add a nap sofa to your daily life and make your daily life and room more "like me".

Since it is a tray with legs, it can be placed on the floor.
OK for table arrangement and display

The "Tsukimi Tray", which was often reprinted for a limited time due to planning and events, was resold from February 2021. You can use it for a changing table setting, or you can put a meal for one person as a set. It can also be used as a display for small items such as flowers, or as a small table for a relaxing break on the porch or tatami mats.
It will change the "floor life" that Japanese people naturally like, so it is recommended to use it alone or in combination with a nap sofa.

The usual relaxing time changes fashionably. Matching technique with side table

The nap sofa introduced this time and the "wagon table" that can be placed next to your sofa to add fashion and comfort can be used by inserting it under the sofa. It comes with a magazine rack so you can put together the magazines and newspapers you read often in one place.
The "link table", which features a movable mini table, also has a magazine rack, which has a larger storage capacity than the wagon table. Besides, if you pull out the larger table directly above, you can use it as a large and small table. The round and gentle impression of the link table is available in two tree species, so you can choose the one that suits your taste.

If you want to add one point, "light" is recommended. Gentle light overflowing from the shade in your room

If you place a lamp made of wood in your room, you can create a relaxing atmosphere with the gentle light that overflows from the texture of wood and the white shade.
The "Night Lamp" is compact with a width and depth of 13 cm and can be used on a table or side table.
The "oval lamp" has a depth of 15 cm and can be placed in the center of a side table or dining table. It is also recommended to place it on a shelf like indirect lighting.
The "lamp table" is an item that combines a mini table and a lamp, and fulfills the desire to "place a side table and a lamp" at once. This product is recommended for sofa side and bedside.


Arrange in a comfortable room

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