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Clean up your front door with a coat stand that can hold your favorite outerwear before the wind gets cold over the winter.

When it gets colder, your favorite outerwear and accessories will increase around the closet and entrance. If you have a coat stand at the entrance, you can hang a coat you took off, put it on quickly when you go out, or if you have a coat stand in your room, you can take a rest from your favorite coat before putting it in the closet.
The coat stand keeps the outerwear neat and tidy before it's stowed in the front door or closet.

A long and best-selling "dress rack" that is simply organized in the bedroom, Japanese-style room, or entrance

The "dress rack" is sometimes chosen as a hanger rack for storing everyday clothes, rather than a coat stand for hanging outerwear at the entrance.
The simple atmosphere full of wood texture does not make you feel uncomfortable even if you put it at the entrance. Rather, it makes the outerwear and accessories to be hung look like the display of a store. Dress racks are popular for their gentle texture, which is made by carefully hand-finishing wood.
It is recommended to use it with a solid wood hanger with a solid thickness of 2.2 cm for a unified look. It is also a place to hang the outerwear entrusted to you by the customer. The dress rack fits nicely with the Japanese taste, so it is also recommended for Japanese-style rooms.

The heights of the two poles are different, so the whole family can use it!
Space-saving "twin coat stand" by changing the direction of the hook

The twin coat stand, which features two poles with different heights, can be used for both long adult coats and children's coats with just one stand.
The two poles are machined from solid wood and the base has weights so it's durable and won't wobble. The base is a round shape with a diameter of 36 cm, which makes it difficult to take up space even if it is placed in the entrance or closet, and by changing the direction of the hook, it can be stored without overlapping the outers, so it saves space even if you hang a lot. Each hook on the hook has a scrape, so you can hang it directly without using a hanger. The overall rounded design is user-friendly and carefully finished.

A simple, compact and practical "tree rack" with a design that looks like a single tree hanging on a coat

The "Tree Rack", which looks like a tree standing but is practical, is a coat rack that can be used by leaning against a wall.
The branch-like hook is large enough to hang a thick outerwear, and the small hook at the bottom can also be used to hang a key.
The well-balanced hooks make it very easy to hang, lightweight and easy to move, making it a convenient item to use where you need it.
The tree rack assembled with round bars gives a soft impression to the entrance with the texture of wood and a natural atmosphere.

The wall-mounted type is also convenient and the difference between fashionable hooks is interesting. "Wall hook" and "Mine hook"

"Wall hook" featuring a hook that can be taken in and out with a snapping sound. It is a very convenient item that can be taken in and out.
When the hook is stowed, it fits snugly in the body and gives a very clean impression when not in use.
It is also a casual idea that the hook is scraped so that it can be easily hung.

"Mine hook" is a fashionable hook that has been carved out in a wavy shape. Not to mention the practicality of hanging a coat, the overall width is as large as 71 cm, so it looks like an object hung on the wall when not in use.
The screw holes required for installation can be hidden with the included cork. Mine hook is an item that you can enjoy both practicality and design.

"Cosine collection" with highly practical "gem"
Fascinate with a high-quality coat stand

There are 4 types of coat stands in the cosine collection.
The fioretto coat stand features a smooth texture such as casting weights and hanging parts of different lengths. The lepore coat stand that makes the hung clothes more attractive than the shop, the branch coat stand that bundles the legs with different heights, and the airs coat track that subtly divides the space with a louver like a blindfold.
It is a high-quality item created by a well-honed design and craftsmanship.
In addition to the court stand, there is a pallet rack that is perfect for executive scenes.
It is an item that has both practicality and an artistic design that can be used as an object. In addition, you can enjoy the beautiful brown walnut with urethane coating, which gives it a wet color. The walnut with increased color creates an even higher quality atmosphere.
There are various other items in the cosine collection. Please enjoy a higher-grade life by setting up a high-quality space with high-quality items.

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