Autumn new life 2021

The new life that begins in autumn will be accompanied by wooden living tools that can be used for a long time.

The season of changing clothes, the season of changing lifestyles. The season when many people start a new life. And from now on, I will spend more and more time at home, so it is a perfect season to renew my life.
It's a living tool that you spend a lot of time with at home, so be sure to carefully find your favorite items that you can use forever and want to use carefully. Incorporating items that you can attach to your life will make your feelings and time more enjoyable and comfortable.
Many cosine items are knockdown (assembled) so they can be repaired or replaced. And since there are many oil-finished items, you can do the maintenance yourself, and you can be assured that it will become an attached living tool that you can live with for a long time while repairing and maintaining. It will surely become a special treasure in your family's life. Introducing cosine items that you want to use for a long time with attachment by replacing them with new ones or incorporating them into your new life.

A platform sofa that's perfect for the middle of family life

The clean platform without arms can be lined up with the ottoman by moving the cushion on the seat to the left and right, or the board seat on one side can be used like a side table. The seat cushion is not fixed, so you can easily move it from side to side. The back of the seat cushion is firmly non-slip, so the cushion will not slip and slip when you are sitting.
The seat and back cushions are made of urethane with a moderate hardness that does not sink too much, and the cover can be removed and cleaned no matter which upholstery you choose.
You can choose from a compact 2-seater platform sofa with a width of 152 cm and a 2.5-seater equivalent platform sofa (wide) with a width of 178 cm to suit your family.
The plat sofa, plat sofa (wide), and platotman wood are all oil-finished, so if you are concerned about dryness or get a little dirty, you can do oil maintenance yourself to keep it in a long and beautiful state. You can use it. We also accept orders for the cover only, so if you have used it for a long time and it gets dirty that cannot be removed by cleaning, or if you want to change the look, you can easily replace it.

Customize your own with your favorite fabrics!
Living bench with a natural and liberating appearance

The living bench with spokes on the back gives a feeling of liberation to the space, and you should definitely use it while feeling the warmth of solid wood on the board. With a width of 160 cm, it is more compact than a typical 3-seater sofa, and it has a comfortable size even when two adults hang it. It is a nice point that you can customize it to your liking with your favorite fabrics and cushions. All solid wood and oil-finished items allow you to fully enjoy the warmth and tenderness of wood. You can also maintain the living bench by yourself, so it is an item that you can use with attachment so that you can grow it while caring for it.

The storage is very simple, and the family shelves are open type and simple living shelves.

The shortcut to tidying up the living room, where the number of small items for the whole family inevitably increases, is to show them on open-type shelves. If it is an open type that is easy to put away and take out, it will not be a hassle to put it away, and it seems that you can easily get into the habit of putting small items around you in a fixed place. The living shelf, which you can choose from two heights according to the amount of things to store and the number of family members, is recommended for family shelves used in the living room. By using it together with the multi-tray, you can store small items around you in the whole family in a simple, neat and tidy impression. If you keep simple storage in the open type shelves, it will become a family shelf that will be tidied up naturally.

The living shelf is also an oil-finished item, so you can use it while performing oil maintenance yourself. In addition to the items introduced this time, most of the cosine products are oil-finished. You can easily perform oil maintenance at home with Cosine's "care set". By using it while maintaining it, you can keep the beautiful wood surface and use it for a long time.


Autumn new life 2021

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