"Mirror" carefully finished by hand

Place a mirror on the lead wire of your life according to your needs and easily check your appearance!

If you place a full-length mirror such as a carry mirror on the lifeline, you can check it when you need it, such as when you want to check the whole body or when you want to coordinate tomorrow's clothes.
In addition to the mirrors that allow you to check your appearance, there are high-quality airs wall mirrors and airs floor mirrors that have a drawer desk that can be used like a dresser with a special mirror and an accessory holder.
This time, we will introduce living tools that can be used to check your appearance!

Cosine mirror that is carefully hand-finished

Cosine products are carefully finished one by one in the workshop. The mirror is also a product carefully made from one leg. We have released the state of manufacturing carry mirrors on Youtube.

A slim "carry mirror" that you can easily carry around

As the name suggests, it is a stand mirror that even women can easily carry. I tried to make a compact mirror that looks good on the popular item "Dress Rack".
Since there is no "picture frame" surrounding the mirror and there is space under the feet, the result is a solid yet light impression. Of course, you can see the whole body without a mirror below.
Since it is shaped upward at the most beautiful angle when viewed from the front, it can be used without feeling pressure even in a narrow space such as the front door.
The leg line has a rounded surface similar to the dress rack, so it fits comfortably in your hand when you touch it. A beautiful dressing corner can be created just by leaning against it, so it is a mirror that you can move to your favorite place and use it.

Wear shoes before going out and check your appearance "Entrance Mirror"

It is a slim mirror with a width of 25.5 cm. Unlike the divergent carry mirror, it is very slender and can show the whole body, so it is perfect for wearing shoes and checking the coordination of the whole body before going out. It is a type that leans against the wall and is lightweight, so it is easy to install. The compact size of both depth and width makes it a design that does not get in the way even when placed in a limited entrance space. Since it has non-slip rubber, it can be placed on tiles as well as on flooring. You can also put boots under your feet.

cosine collection airs series Make your life richer with high-quality mirrors

The cosine collection is a product made by the masters and craftsmen of designers and craftsmen, making the best use of the high quality of walnut wood. Among them, "airs" includes "airs wall mirrors" and "airs floor mirrors" that can be groomed and decorated like objects. Both come with a small accessory holder where you can place your usual items and decorate small crafts. The airs wall mirror is a luxurious item made by carving out a mirror frame from solid wood. There is also a large size and a profound feeling.
The airs floor mirrors are designed to reflect beautiful scenery. It is a gem that has an atmosphere different from the usual appearance and also has an atmosphere like an object.

"Drawer desk" that can be used as a compact desk by turning it into a dresser by attaching a dedicated mirror

The "Drawer Desk", which comes in handy when you want a compact desk in your bedroom, can be used as a console table or as a dresser if you attach a special mirror. It's the perfect item to write down your diary before going to bed and to groom yourself. It also has a large drawer so you can store small items. When used in combination with Volkstool, it creates a sense of unity and makes it even more fashionable.


"Mirror" carefully finished by hand

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