A compact living tool that enriches your life with a little plus

A "living tool" that can be enriched by "adding a little" to your current life

I'm not thinking about big changes such as "I want a low table to put a book I'm reading" and "I want a rack to hang clothes and towels", but I'd be happy if I could prepare something easy and enrich my life. right. Why don't you look for items that can enrich your life, such as a rack where you can hang clothes quickly, a rack that is active in the kitchen and dressing room, a side table that you can put in a place where you can usually relax, and a small display shelf? Please put a product with the warmth unique to wood in your room.

TV rack, side table, OK if you like
A little table "rack table"

The "rack table", which has a hollow interior and a unique design, is a convenient table that can be used as both a rack and a table, and can store your favorite books, magazines, remote controls, and other small items inside.
It can be used as a side table or night table, or it can be used as a TV rack with a TV up to 32 inches.
Although it is a well-made table, it can be used in a light atmosphere due to the cavity.
By making the legs extend radially instead of vertically, the design is enhanced and there is no doubt that the room will be fashionable.

"Smart Rack", a small rack for hanging towels and your favorite clothes

A "smart rack" that can be hung with a damp cloth or hand wipe. Since the surface is coated with urethane, it is a product that is resistant to moisture. Since the height is different between the front and the back, it is easy to take out and can be hung in a well-ventilated manner. It is also attractive that it becomes completely flat when folded. If you use the hanging part in the middle well or use an additional S-shaped hook, the range of utilization will expand further. It is a convenient item that is very useful not only in the kitchen but also in the dressing room.

"Ladder rack", a small hanging rack used in the kitchen, in the dressing room, and in the bedroom

A ladder rack that is slim and has several places to hang. The ladder-shaped design changes to "show storage" when you hang clothes or a cloth.
The body is lightweight at 2.4 kg, so it is easy to carry and can be used anywhere if it is leaned against a wall. When you put it in the bedroom, you can hang your room clothes or clothes to wear tomorrow, when you put it in the dressing room, you hang it with a hand wipe, and when you put it in the kitchen, you use an S-shaped hook to hang a cloth or mittens. You can leave it. Ladder racks can be used to display storage that tends to be cluttered. If you decorate it with green, it will give you a natural atmosphere at once.

Steps, decorations, small tables
"Nest stool", an item with more than "seven changes"

Nested stools, which have the meaning of nesting, are stools that are a set of three large, medium, and small stools. It is very sturdy because it is made by the method of "hail assembly", and it does not make a big difference even if it is a stepping stone. The shape is not a square but a trapezoid, so somehow a charming shape is also a point.
Combining the smallest stool with the largest stool turns into a small table and stool for children. It is very fashionable to put only one between the floors and decorate it with an incense burner or a vase. Above all, this nest stool is an excellent one that changes in many ways depending on how the owner uses it. It is a stool that makes you want to try various ways of using it, such as arranging it horizontally or stacking it vertically.


A compact living tool that enriches your life with a little plus

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