Clean every corner! --Easy maintenance and cleaning Living tools

It can be removed and washed, and it can be removed and wiped to be stress-free!
Clean and clean every corner

It's the season when we want to gradually clean the house toward the end of the year. Please prepare for a comfortable New Year's holiday by cleaning from where you can do it little by little so that you do not have to put it all together at the end of the year. We want to keep the bedroom and entrance clean, as well as the living / dining room where the family spends a long time, and clean the furniture and living utensils themselves to make the year-end and New Year more refreshing and comfortable.
Many of the cosine items are prefabricated, so it is recommended that you take the plunge and disassemble them once during this season to clean and clean every corner. If it is a popular dress rack, you can disassemble it once while changing clothes, perform oil maintenance, and remove the accumulated dust, and it will be refreshing and comfortable to welcome the new season. And in order to have a pleasant New Year holidays every year, it may be important to prepare your life with easy-to-clean living tools. Introducing how to clean popular cosine items and recommended living tools that are easy to clean!

Dismantling time is about 5 minutes!
It's easier than you think, and you can quickly disassemble the dress rack. You can wipe every corner of the dress rack, so it's refreshing!

It is a dress rack that is difficult to disassemble once you buy it and assemble it, but if you use it with clothes, you can disassemble it once a year at the timing of changing clothes and wipe it up to every corner for a clean and comfortable use. Occasionally, if you also perform oil maintenance, the luster will return and it will be even better!
It's so easy to disassemble the dress rack that you can quickly change clothes. When the dress rack is disassembled, it has 7 rods, a leather belt, 2 handles and 4 cap bolts, so cleaning is easy for each part! And you can wipe every corner cleanly!
Once disassembled and reassembled, it will be retightened, so it is recommended because it can be used in a more stable state throughout the next season.

I'm worried if I can assemble it again ... Rest assured!
We have prepared a video that you can refer to.

We have released a video that you can check how to assemble the dress rack on the YOUTUBE channel of Cosine. If you wonder "How was it?" During assembly, please check the video.

The items used at the entrance
Clean every corner once a year!

It is a slim figure with a width of 25.5 cm. Unlike the divergent carry mirror, it is very slender and can show the whole body, so it is perfect for wearing shoes and checking the coordination of the whole body before going out. It is a type that leans against the wall and is lightweight, so it is easy to install. The compact size of both depth and width makes it a design that does not get in the way even when placed in a limited entrance space. Since it has non-slip rubber, it can be placed on the floor as well as on the tile. You can also put boots under your feet.
The Rainy Rack, which has a reputation for being easy to clean, is not prefabricated, but you can remove the water pan, which is the most dirty, and wash it completely. The wood is coated with waterproof urethane, so you can easily clean it by simply wiping it with a dry cloth!
The shoe rack that stores shoes can be easily disassembled by simply removing the cap bolts on both sides, so remove all of them and wipe each part with a dry cloth for a clean look! You can cleanly remove small sand that was caught in the gap, and you can continue to use it comfortably. The shoe rack is also coated with waterproof urethane, so you can clean it just by wiping it with a dry cloth, but if you are concerned about dirt, wipe it with a cloth that has been wrung out tightly.
The shoehorn that you carry with your hands every day does not collect dust, but once a year, wipe it thoroughly with a dry cloth and perform oil maintenance to make it more glossy and smooth to the touch. You can continue to use it comfortably.

* Only oil-finished products can be oil-maintained by yourself. You can check the painting of your item in the "Specs" section of each product detail page.

Simple design and painting that suits how to use
Better if assembled!
A neat and comfortable living tool that can be cleaned and cleaned in every corner

With a simple design that does not collect dust, daily cleaning will keep you clean and long-lasting. If you can disassemble it from time to time and clean each part, you can use it more neatly and comfortably. Urethane coating is recommended for items that are used in a damp place such as the entrance or towel rack, or for items that are difficult to clean every day when used on a high wall. Oil painting is recommended for more familiar items that you want to use while enjoying the texture and texture of wood. If you use oil painting, you can maintain it yourself, so even if you use it close to you and it gets a little dirty, you can quickly repair it.
If it is an assembly type or the parts can be removed, it can be disassembled and cleaned in every corner, so you can continue to use it comfortably.

Also, if you are concerned about house dust, it is important to choose one that does not generate dust. Most of the house dust is cotton dust from the cloth.
By choosing a sofa with a board seat, you can easily clean the sofa itself and use it without worrying about cotton dust.
The living bench and nap sofa, which use abundant solid wood, can be used in combination with fabrics such as special cushions, but it is recommended that you enjoy the texture and texture of the wood as it is. Daily care place You can use it with confidence without worrying about cotton dust by simply wiping it with a dry cloth.


Clean every corner! --Easy maintenance and cleaning Living tools

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