Making autumn rooms with gentle lights

If you want to incorporate “lights” into your autumn room,
Indirect lighting is recommended.

Season when the season changes and you want to feel the room. From autumn to winter, it is recommended that you take in lights to change the season for more time in your room.
And indirect lighting and auxiliary lighting should be included. By incorporating indirect lighting and auxiliary lighting, the atmosphere of the room can be improved and a relaxing effect can be expected, and it also saves electricity costs than lighting that brightens the entire room.
Look around your room, plan where and what you want to illuminate, and incorporate indirect and auxiliary lighting into your life.
It will definitely change your mood and change the way you spend your time.

Beginning with gentle lights Creating autumn rooms

All cosine lamps are shaded. He / she directs room warmly with light leaking only by shaded lighting.

All cosine lamps are shaded to cover the light source. The light source is not directly visible and the light spreads gently.
Shade colors are mainly generated, so they are bright and spacious enough for indirect and auxiliary lighting.
You can choose from a small light that can be carried around to a light that is tall enough for an adult to stand.

Simple and lean design A sleek floor stand that is as high as the eyes of an adult standing

This is an orthodox floor stand that is packed with special techniques in a simple and lean design.
A natural wooden stand is casual, and the light through the cloth shade gently illuminates the room.
Because it is a simple design with a long and narrow column, you can feel the depth of the room by placing it on the wall and enjoying a gentle reflection.

type : Floor stand
Bulb position : 146cm
Switch type : Pull switch
Reflection on the wall : ★★★
The spread of light : ★★★★★
Compactness : ★★
Easy to carry :

Floor stand (round)

A lamp with a small table that makes it look like a picture and is easy to use

Floor stand (round)

A lamp with a table and lamp integrated. He / she plays an active part in little accessory storage and bedside of living. It is just the right size to put in the hallway or entrance.

type : Table integrated stand
Bulb position : 125cm
Switch type : Pull switch
Reflection on the wall : ★★★
The spread of light : ★★★★
Compactness : ★★★★
Easy to carry : ★★★

Desktop stand that is compact but easy to use in a variety of locations

A table lamp with a depth of 15 cm and a compact size that is easy to place in various places.
Displayed together with the green, or active as a desk light.
By laying it together with a floor stand (round) and a lamp table, it becomes three-dimensional and deep lighting.

type : Table lamp
Bulb position : 300m
Switch type : Intermediate switch
Reflection on the wall : ★★★
The spread of light : ★★★
Compactness : ★★★★★
Easy to carry : ★★★★★

Floor stand (round)

A frame of “light” that creates a rich scene that feels like an “andon”

Floor stand (round)

“Airs Floor Light” is a new product in the airs series of the cosine collection that takes advantage of the texture of walnut.
A faint light creates a moderate shadow in the room and creates a space with depth.
Lightweight, easy to move, and with a dimmer, you can adjust the brightness to your liking.

type : Floor stand
Bulb position : 85cm
Switch type : With intermediate switch dimmer
Reflection on the wall : ★★★★★
The spread of light : ★★★
Compactness : ★★★★★
Easy to carry : ★★★★★



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