Ideal for storing and organizing clothes-dress rack

A long and best-selling "dress rack" that can be used anywhere in the bedroom, closet, entrance, etc.

A long and best-selling "dress rack" that can be used anywhere, such as in the bedroom or closet to organize clothes that you often wear, or in the front door to store your outerwear. The simple design makes it easy to match the interior of the room, and the natural atmosphere made of solid wood makes it a popular product that is still strong 28 years after its release. Many customers have been using the product for 10 to 20 years since it was purchased, and may be asked to purchase a new one, saying that they "want to add it." This time, we will also introduce the popular dress rack and the dress rack size order that can be ordered according to the purpose and space to put it.

There are two sizes of dress racks "Dress racks" that compactly organize clothes
"Dress rack (wide)" that can be hung a lot

A dress rack that can compactly organize clothes that you often wear, and a dress rack (wide) that allows you to hang more clothes. The biggest difference is that the width is 29 cm different, so the number of clothes that can be hung is different. If you're wondering which size you need, first consider which size or space you want to hang. If you don't have the right size, you can order the size. Please refer to the bottom of this page for details. When not using the dress rack, you can close your legs to close it, use the optional hook (sold separately) to hang a stole, muffler, belt, or shoulder bag, or use the optional tray to fold folded clothing or a large size. It is convenient when you put the bag. If you are looking for something that is even more compact in height and width, we have a "dress rack (small)" that allows children to hang their own clothes. We will introduce the sizes of dress racks, dress racks (wide), and dress racks (small) in detail, so please refer to them when choosing.

The horizontal bar at the bottom of each of the current dress racks and dress racks (small) is high enough for the robot vacuum to pass through.
* Some of the models before the minor change cannot be passed through by the robot vacuum cleaner.

You can make a dress rack that fits exactly where you want to put it. You can consider size orders for width and height.

The "Dress Rack Size Order" is recommended for those who want a wider size than a normal dress rack, or those who are looking for a narrow size that fits perfectly in a limited space. In addition to the two sizes of dress racks, you can also order according to the place and purpose you want to use.
Please order in "total width (1 cm unit)". If you want to fit it in the place you want to put it, please consider using the "total width" as it is. If you want to match the number of clothes you want to hang, it is recommended to consider the "inner leg width". After calculating the number of pieces you want to multiply by making one piece a thickness of about 2 to 3 cm, add 24.5 cm to get the total width, so please adjust the fraction before ordering. You can easily place an order for a size that changes the total width on the corresponding product page.
After ordering, we will make it in the size you ordered, so it will take about 30 days to deliver.
The width size order page is the sum of the main unit price and the processing fee, so please enter your favorite tree species and desired total width before ordering. For height orders, only the processing fee is shown, so please put it in the cart with your desired dress rack.

* It takes about 30 days to deliver the size order to change the width.
* Delivery may be extended due to other options (height change / casters).

The dress rack is hand-finished one by one for each part

All parts of the dress rack are machine-molded and then hand-finished one by one.
The tension of the edges and the smoothness of the surface are very delicate and important factors that determine the perfection of the product, so we finish it with skill. After finishing, paint with oil. When the oil dries, it will be packed and delivered to the customer.


Ideal for storing and organizing clothes-dress rack

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