Simple and long-lasting sofas and benches

Carefully made cosine sofas and benches With a simple design and reliable technology, it can be used for a long time.

In addition to side furniture, Cosine also manufactures sofas and benches that can be used in the living room. We have a lot of choices to suit different life stages and tastes, such as xylem that you can choose from maple and walnut, and cushions that you can choose from 37 patterns of fabrics to suit your taste. Introducing sofas and benches that can be used according to your life stage, including a platform sofa that is easy to use even in a limited space!

Compact platform sofa and platform sofa (wide) that can afford even two adults
Pratt ottoman you want to use together

Compact and comfortable platform sofas are available in a compact type with a width of 152 cm and a wide type with a width of 178 cm. Both platform sofas have a wide seating surface so that you can sit cross-legged. You can choose from maple and walnut for the platform sofa that is just right for two adults and the platform sofa (wide) that allows two adults and one child to sit comfortably, and of course you can choose from 37 patterns for the upholstery. Choose Kibe and Zhangji to your liking and bring them closer to your ideal living room.
It will take about 3 weeks to ship, but if you also use the Pratt Ottoman option, you will have a unified living room and you will be able to spend your daily life more comfortably.

A more comfortable space with a living bench with a plank seat that has a smooth feel and a feeling of slipping out.

The living bench, which you can enjoy the smooth texture that has been carefully finished, can be used in combination with the cushions sold separately or with your own cushions, or you can use it without laying anything down to suit your lifestyle. I can do it. It is also a good point that you can stretch your legs, use it as a table, and use it differently from a normal sofa or bench by combining it with a matching ottoman.
Thanks to the evenly spaced spokes, it gives a clean impression without giving a feeling of oppression to the room. The impression changes considerably depending on the tree species, so it is one of the pleasures to choose according to the interior.
You can enjoy the interior of your room even more by arranging cushions with your favorite cloth and color.

For a living room where you can enjoy gathering stools on your favorite sofa or bench

How about a stool that can be used together with your living room with your favorite sofas and benches?
There are one-seater and two-seater stools, so you can use it as a stool to sit on, a stool with a wide seating surface can be used as a bag holder for customers, or you can use it as a side table to put your favorite miscellaneous goods.
The cosine stool has a natural atmosphere full of wood texture, so it is difficult to choose the interior and it can be used in many rooms.


Simple and long-lasting sofas and benches

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