Indispensable for living room-Center table & side table

Let's make a more comfortable living room by combining a sofa and a compact table

In the living room, the center table and side table are indispensable for the space where each family can relax, such as taking a break or reading a book. It is important to use an appropriately sized table to store books and tea and to make effective use of room space. Many cosine tables are compact and have a design that does not obstruct the flow of the room, making them easy to use in a limited space. Introducing the center table and side table of Cosine made with reliable technology.

Center table with rounded corners and a gentle shape "Toriko Center Table" "Danlan Center Table"

A trico center table featuring a gentle triangular top plate and a Danlan center table with rounded corners and an oval shape. Both have no corners and have a gentle shape, making them a recommended center table for families to relax in. The height is 38 cm for the Trico Center Table and 42 cm for the Danlan Center Table. It is said that the height of the center table is plus or minus 5 cm, which is the height of the sofa, so it is recommended to use it according to the sofa with a seat height of 33 cm to 47 cm. The legs and top plate are finished with solid wood, making it a perfect center table for a fulfilling living life with the smooth texture of wood.

Danlan Center Table (Large) will be on sale from December 17th. The depth of the usual Danlan center table is 57 cm, but it is widened to 88 cm, making it a large table with a gentle oval shape that looks like a square with rounded corners.

I want it around the sofa! Various side tables that can be comfortably placed near the essentials in the living room

A side table that you want one around the sofa to spend your living room comfortably. Some can be used not only on the sofa side but also on the bedside. Cosine sofas, including nap sofas, have a seat height of 32 cm to 40 cm, so be sure to find the perfect side table by referring to the presence or absence of an armrest and the height under the sofa.

The trico side table is a gentle triangle with a height of 50 cm. With a long side of 52 cm, it is compact yet comfortable to use. The legs are not straight, they are slightly tapered, and they are attached slightly open so they are stable even with three legs. For those who want to put a side table but are concerned about space, we recommend the space-saving triangular side table.

Since the wagon table is U-shaped, it can be used by inserting it into the space under the sofa, and it is easy to move because it has casters. There is also a magazine rack that can hold magazines. The top plate is 55 x 29 cm, which is large enough for a space to spread a book and have a cup of tea. Recommended for those who want to use it while relaxing by inserting it under the sofa.

The link table is designed to consist of large and small tables, and can be used separately. If you pull out the large table directly above, the legs will come off and it will become a separate table. The small table has a magazine rack and casters, so you can move it with the magazines stored. The large table is 47 cm in diameter, so it's nice to have tea, put a vase, or decorate small items.

Also for side table TV stands and mini wagons with casters that can be used in a slightly different way

The rack table can be attached to a sofa as a side table, or it can be used as a TV stand by mounting a TV up to 32 inches. The hollow in the middle is high enough to fit a CD case, so you can store things that tend to be complicated in the living room, such as CDs, magazines, books, and remote controls. It can also be used as a mini table to put it near the easy chair and spend a relaxing time.

The tray table is an item that can be used as a side table or as a mini wagon with casters. The tray is reversible with a melamine surface that is resistant to wet and dirty items and a veneer surface that allows you to enjoy the texture of wood. Only the tray can be removed and used, and the base can be folded and stored. It is easy to move, such as placing snacks and work tools, so it will be useful in various situations.


Indispensable for living room-Center table & side table

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