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The trigger is a change in lifestyle

Since the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection was declared in 2020, our daily lives have changed significantly. Until now, it was natural to go to work or go to school, but restrictions on going out have forced remote work and learning at home, and more time spent at home has become a lifestyle habit. Has also changed.
On the other hand, by spending more time with my family at home, parents and children can work on things that they couldn't do before, and they have more time to talk at the table.

Where the family used to spend their time comfortably and comfortably, it will have a big impact on the living space when it takes the place of work or school, and the market will be more stressful with spaces such as partitions, casters and foldable desks. Furniture and living tools that can be used according to various situations have appeared. There is a limit to physically partitioning or changing the living space according to the purpose, and of course, the living space cannot be easily expanded or narrowed.
So Cosine wondered if there was a different approach.
Isn't it possible to comfortably create a new lifestyle psychologically rather than physically? From that point, the development of Own Style started.

Psychological approach to the comfort of a new life

What does it mean to live comfortably in a rapidly changing life due to the corona disaster?
The acceleration of telework has increased the freedom and discretion of work and living, and has changed the way we spend our time in the living space. There is a need to enrich both the "house" where you live with your family and the "house" where you face work as an individual. By creating working time in a place where you can relax with your family, you need living tools that suit each environment. Also, by not forgetting the "change of mood" that switches on and off and the time to take a break while spending a long time at home, you can spend your daily life naturally without accumulating stress.
Enriching the time for "change of mood" that connects life and work will lead to the realization of "life that is unique to you" that allows you to be in a natural state. "Own style" focused on the importance of this "change of mood" and decided to start product development.
What is "your own way of life"? The importance and diversity of "change of mood" that has been revealed by digging into.
I decided to think about the life that changed due to the corona disaster as a flow chart, and cut out and embody one scene "Growing plants (living with greenery)" that allows you to take a cosine-like approach from various mood changes.

Living tools for enjoying a green life

Why growing plants is a refreshing experience.
What is the necessary environment for incorporating plants into our daily lives?
There is an important connection between living and green that is thought to have the positive effect of reducing stress and improving concentration by feeling nature through the five senses of the biophilia effect. ..
Greening the office has a positive effect on work efficiency and mental and physical health, and even if you see that it is being actively promoted, you can grow and decorate plants and see the scenery spreading out of the window. You can see that things "change your mood and prepare you" in your life.
Incorporating greenery into your life does not seem to be very difficult, but it is also very important to have an environment where you can enjoy watering and caring for it.
For example, a mover that can be moved with greens, and a shelf that can be put together with care and care tools, making it fun to appreciate and care for greens.
The idea was to create a box where you can decorate the green with things you use and enjoy in your daily life, and a stand where you can decorate the green in the corners of your room.
In order to incorporate these ideas into our daily lives, we will go through the process of trial and error and finally take shape.

"New" personal "life" made from Hokkaido "Tamo" Own Style

At today's manufacturing sites, the spirit of "mottainai" that Cosine has had since its inception is becoming more important and commonplace. Wood is a renewable and reusable resource. Medium-diameter wood that is thinned to grow forests can also be used to make living tools for furniture stores, and it is also an eco-material that can be used as biomass energy. Japan's forest resources are said to be abundant. About 30% of the hardwoods, which are the main material for making furniture, are concentrated in Hokkaido, where cosine is located. Utilizing these precious resources based on the idea of "ground material for local consumption", which has environmental and economic merits, is very important for protecting the environment of this rich region of Hokkaido and for revitalizing the economy. It is important. Right now, I think that making living tools using materials from Hokkaido is important to take Cosine's manufacturing one step further, and Own Style, which proposes a lifestyle that is unique to you, is different from the previous Cosine lineup in Hokkaido. Another big direction has been decided to develop all items with "Tamo" produced.

What kind of tree is "Tamo" from Hokkaido?

Most of the tamo from Hokkaido are called Yachidamo, which is also known as tamo. It is called Pinni in the Ainu language. It is a material called Ash in English. The height is 30m, and the thickness of the trunk is 1m. It is a tree that grows large enough to grow to a diameter of 1m. It has a beautiful and uniform grain and has been popular as a furniture material for a long time. It is a material that is often used for sports equipment such as baseball bats and sleds by taking advantage of its excellent elasticity. Because it is easy to take root and grows quickly, Tamo occupies about 10% of the area of artificially planted broad-leaved trees in Hokkaido. It features a clear wood grain and a blue-grayish tint, and changes to a warm shade like amber with long-term use.

Eco-friendly + your own lifestyle A new lifestyle proposed by Cosine Own Style

Own Style's "green" has been carefully created using Hokkaido trucks to make our psychologically new and comfortable living tools for the environment, local economy and, above all, long-term use. New products for "living" will start with plant mover (tentative name) and plan truck (tentative name).
Since it is assumed that you will use it with green, by laying a material called "Mois" with excellent water absorption and maintainability on the bottom of all lineups, you can care for it with green in mind. I made it possible to give water.
Mois is a natural material with excellent humidity control function, and it is also a big point selected this time that it is an environment-friendly material that can be finally returned to the soil.
The plant mover (tentative name) and plan truck (tentative name) of Cosine's new style "Own Style", where the beautiful and clear wood grain of Tamo makes the green look even more lively, will be a good accent in your life and make your life more comfortable. It is an item that makes.
Plan truck (tentative name) is scheduled to be released in 3 sizes. The sizes are (1) width 62 cm x depth 30 cm x height 40 cm, (2) width 70 cm x depth 35 cm x height 40 cm, and (3) width 35 cm x depth 35 cm x height 40 cm. You can stack plan trucks or stack them with a plant mover (tentative name).
We are also planning to release 3 sizes of plant mover (tentative name).
The sizes are (1) width 62 cm x depth 30 cm x height 10 cm, (2) width 70 cm x depth 35 cm x height 10 cm, and (3) width 35 cm x depth 35 cm x height 10 cm. You can use it alone or by stacking it with a plan track (tentative name).
By combining a plant mover (tentative name) and a plan track (tentative name), you can enjoy growing and appreciating your favorite green more.

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