Light, comfortable and comfortable bedroom

Time to get rid of the tiredness of the day "sleep"
To make the bedroom light, comfortable and comfortable

Every day I do my best at work, housework, and childcare. You want to relax and heal your tiredness in a comfortable and comfortable bedroom. In order to make the bedroom more comfortable than it is now, it is recommended not only to change the bed, but also to redecorate the bedside and bedroom. Introducing cosine products that are useful for making your room light and comfortable.

Spoke bed with an impressive light headboard Flat bed wherever you place it

The spoke bed, which has an impressive light spoke-like design, has the same design as the "Liite" that can be used in the living / dining room. Even if two single beds are lined up, the distance between the spokes on the headboard will not collapse, creating a sense of unity in the room.

The flatbed does not have a headboard, so you can sit or stand on any side of the wall. While making paulownia wood to reduce weight, the visible range is finished with solid wood, so the bulge and finish of the legs are unique to Cosine.

I want to use it at the bedside!
Compact and pretty size drawer night table

The drawer night table is nice to have at the bedside. The height is 45 cm, the depth is 35 cm, and the width is 39 cm, which is very compact, so it does not take up much space. With a drawer, you can store small items around the bed, a diary, a book you are reading, and so on. It can also be used as a reading lamp if you combine it with an optional night lamp. Combined with the small green, the bedroom is easy on the eyes.

Racks and stools that can store the clothes and bedding you absolutely want in your bedroom

In the bedroom, there are various items such as clothes prepared so that you can change clothes immediately, pajamas, throws, blankets, slippers, etc., so it is convenient to have storage in addition to the side table! We recommend smart racks for hanging pajamas and clothes that you often wear, ladder racks for folding throws and large blankets, and KOHSHI stools for storing folded clothes.
If you use the smart rack or ladder rack together with the S-shaped hook, you can hang small items and the range of use will expand. If you put it in the bedroom, you can change clothes and store bedding, so one item you want to keep.


Light, comfortable and comfortable bedroom

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