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Since it is a cosine that started with the idea of "Why don't you make use of the short materials and scraps that come out when making furniture?", We are particular about making the best use of the right material in the right place.

Cosain Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 by a group of four craftsmen.
"Isn't it possible to take advantage of the pieces of wood that come out when making furniture?"
Such an idea is the spirit that has been held since the company was founded. Therefore, the first product to commemorate is the switch cover. I made it by making the best use of short materials based on the voice of the electrician who came to the workshop, "I wish I had a wooden switch cover."
Careful use of wood is still the basis of cosine 35 years after that.
A cosine living tool made from trees that have grown over many years. From switch covers to small items such as stationery and watches, then long-selling dress racks were born, and the products are changing from "small to large". In recent years, we have begun to make furniture such as sofas and dining tables.
However, even now, a long time after its founding, the spirit of not wasting even scraps of wood and saws has been inherited.

Wood is a familiar eco-material "can be used for a long time" A simple design that never gets tired is also important

Trees take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in the process of growing while photosynthesizing, and assimilate and fix it. The carbon dioxide taken in becomes wood, and carbon dioxide remains fixed as carbon even when it becomes a house or furniture.
Forests are a large and large carbon dioxide storage area, but your home, which lives with wooden living tools and furniture, is also a carbon dioxide storage area that helps protect the environment. Therefore, it is very important to protect the environment that furniture and living tools made of wood are long and can be used for generations if possible.
At the same time as cosine cherishes the materials, we always think about what kind of living tools should be "used for a long time" and make things with a simple and timeless design. increase.
We believe that we can demonstrate our true potential as an eco-material for wood only when we carefully use up the wood that is the material and make the wood that can be used for a long time.

Living tools born from efforts to use up materials

Using up the materials is only possible when you can make things of various sizes from one large board. A large sofa or table will inevitably leave a piece of short material.
At Cosine, we use the short materials and scraps to make small living tools, which leads to efforts to use the materials to the end without waste.
For example, clocks, picture frames, and desk organizers can be made from short materials that furniture and large living utensils cannot make.
Elongated pieces can be used to make KUMIKI stools, side tables, pots and chopstick rests. In addition, we are making efforts to utilize every corner, such as the part cut off to taper the legs of the nap sofa as a door stopper. The smaller materials are used as "Koppappa" in work kits and used as materials for woodworking classes to foster creativity.

Some items can be repaired by exchanging parts for long-term use.

We believe that it is important not only to make the item a simple and universal design that can be used habitually for a long time, but also to replace the parts and continue to use it in the unlikely event that repair is required. High technology is required to make it an assembly type, but by refining the technology and making a highly accurate assembly type product, it can be used safely and repairs can be easily done by replacing parts etc. .. In addition, by making it an assembly type, it can be packed compactly, which leads to reduction of carbon dioxide emissions during transportation.
* If you would like to purchase parts, please contact Cosine Customer Support ( by email.

Making and using everything is round and round e cosine

It is a cosine that was born from the waste of materials left over from furniture making. I don't want to put out "wooden garbage" from the workshop as much as possible. That's why I can do everything I can and recycle it all around.
Our greatest wish is to be able to live comfortably for a long time with Cosine furniture and living tools born from eco-friendly manufacturing.


cosine manufacturing Guru Risaikuru e cosine

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