Choose a living thing Encounter a living thing-to express your gratitude for your future life

"One creature" that you want to choose for yourself and for your loved ones

Since I want to live an irreplaceable life carefully, I want to carefully select living tools and furniture that can be used for a long time with attachment for my own life. At the turning point of my life, I would like to meet and choose a lot of better things if I have them for my future life. And I feel the same when choosing a gift that conveys great gratitude to a loved one. I would like to wholeheartedly select items that can be used by loved ones with attachment.
Introducing the living tools and accessories of "one creature" that Cosine can confidently recommend as a gift to convey feelings to loved ones for your own future life.

The traditional technique "Arare-gumi" is said to have continued for over 1,300 years.
A "one creature" that combines shapes and functions that are easy to use in modern life and designs created by traditional techniques.

Nest stool

One of the traditional Japanese techniques found in Masu, "Arare-gumi," is a method of firmly joining trees without using nails. Nest stool uses this technique to make a set of three sizes of stools assembled in a trapezoid. Each size is useful for various purposes such as stools, side tables, and stepping stones. It can be used like a shelf by stacking it or arranging it side by side, so it is a gem that can be used in various situations in daily life regardless of family structure or generation.
The shape and size that are active in modern life and the design of the hailwork fits nicely into various interior styles.
The edges of the solid wood board are scraped off to the unevenness using a machine called a "locking cutter", and the four boards are assembled in a trapezoidal shape, so it is much stronger than a stool with legs, so it is usually attached for a long time. It is a living tool of a living thing that you can use.

Each one is processed and assembled in the workshop to make it feel comfortable to the touch. You can feel the warmth of wood just by touching the seat when you hold it in your hand, touch it, or sit down.

Handmade in every detail, "a living thing" that feels like a family with a unique cry

Cuckoo clock

The cuckoo clock released in 2004 is a clock with a time signal that is handmade in every detail and the sound of the whistle (cuckoo bark) that sounds with the bellows of Japanese paper gently echoes. Since its release, it is also a watch that has many opportunities to be selected as a memorial to family members, celebrations and gratitude to loved ones.

The dial with randomly arranged numbers is unique yet very functional, and the time is placed in an easy-to-read position.
The cuckoo that tells the time is also handmade one by one with maple and walnut.

The cuckoo bark has a different taste from the electronic sound because it is a mechanism to whistle with the bellows of Japanese paper in the movement part. You can switch between with and without a time signal with the ON / OFF switch on the side of the clock. You can put your name on the front and back of the pendulum, so it is recommended that you engrave an anniversary or message to leave your memories in shape. It is a biological watch that you can continue to use with attachment like a member of your family.

A "living creature" that you want to use every day so that you can grow up with a long attachment that you can set up in your own way.

Dress rack

The long and best-selling dress rack with cumulative sales of 80,000 units is a cosine proud item that has been selected by many customers for its unique usability and usability.
The functionality such as folding, the natural texture created by the leather belt and each part that is made of all solid material and finished smoothly to the touch make it a beautiful and functional gem unlike any other.
The dress rack is prefabricated, so if you need to repair it after using it for a long time, you can continue to use it while exchanging parts, and you can easily perform oil maintenance yourself. It is also a point that you can enjoy how the color of the wood gradually changes while you use it with a long attachment while caring for it.

Processing that maximizes usability, such as changing the processing method according to the individuality of the material of each of the four types of trees, and carefully finishing each and every detail, making you feel attached every time you touch it. We are making it so that it can be a deepening product.

We also have optional trays and optional hooks that you want to use together with the dress rack, so you can freely customize the combination that is easy to use. One of the reasons why many people choose it is the free usability that allows them to add or subtract options according to changes in their lifestyle and family structure.
While enjoying the simple design, careful finish, and texture of wood, it is a storage that shows a living thing that you want to use for generations.

Sending off and welcoming you A "living creature" that will become a landmark of your home for healing

Entrance stool

The entrance stool, which has a sculptural "warp" on the seat and "rolling" on the legs, makes you feel "relieved" when you go out saying "I'll have a good day today!" It is a special stool that you want to put in the entrance that welcomes you with a welcoming appearance.
Even when the line between work and relaxation seems to be blurred while you are busy, the entrance stool seems to be a landmark of the relaxation space and encourage you to change your mind.
The "warp" of the seat and the "mukuri" of the legs have a quiet beauty and presence reminiscent of the architecture of old Japanese shrines and temples, and are stools of "one creature" that make you want to live together for a long time.

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Choose a living thing Encounter a living thing-to express your gratitude for your future life

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