A sofa with a silky feel-Spend a refreshing time on the sofa on the board

The coming season will be refreshing and refreshing with a smooth-feeling board seat.

Around this time when the seasons change and you want to change the interior, why don't you have sofas and stools with a silky feel on the board? Unlike upholstered products, sofas and stools on the board are easy to clean and can be maintained by yourself if they have an oil finish, and are popular because they can be used for a long time. This time, we will introduce sofas and stools that you can spend comfortably on the smooth-feeling board seat!

"Living Bench" is a bench that can be used in the living room with an attractive design reminiscent of Scandinavian furniture.

The living bench is an attractive product with a Scandinavian design that can be placed in a living room that seats 2.5 to 3 people. The silky feel of the board seat is perfect for the coming season, and you can combine it with a special cushion sold separately or with your favorite seat cushion. It is also recommended to hang a blanket that suits the season on the backrest, or hang a cloth cover with beautiful colors to add color to the space. The width is 160 cm, which is not too big and can be used casually, so adults can sleep with Goron or put tea on the wagon table and enjoy reading.

For families with small children, we also recommend the matching little chairs. If you put a little chair in the living room, you will be happy to say, "It's your own chair!" You can put your name on the Kasagi, so you can leave it as a memorable item even if it grows up. It's a very cute size chair, so it's recommended to decorate a vase as a gift for children, or to put a welcome board at the entrance on a sunny day.

If you want to use the board more spaciously, this is it!
"Nap sofa" that allows you to live close to the floor that Japanese people like

The "nap sofa" is especially recommended for the coming season, when you sit or sleep on a large board.
It can be placed near a well-ventilated window or in a place where the gentle sunlight does not come in direct sunlight, so that you can take a nap comfortably. In addition to taking a rest with a special fluffy and large cushion, it is also recommended to arrange your favorite cushions like a living bench and install it in your favorite space. You can also use it as a sitting table by cleaning up the cushions. In a family with children, you can spread your notebook together and do your homework together, or use it as a large table to enjoy drawing. It is also recommended for adults to put sweets and tea on the tray next to them to enjoy reading or take a break.

Pick up some board seat stools that can be used for sitting and placing things with outstanding stability

There are stools that you can feel the wood as it is in Cosine, but I picked up some stools that can be used compactly and neatly. It can be used not only for sitting on the board, but also for side tables and displays, so please consider a stool with a smooth feel that you will want to use in the coming season when it gets hot.
The KOHSHI stool, which features a grid-like design, can be used not only as a stool for two people, but also as a stool for two people, sitting at the entrance to take off shoes, putting a bag on it, and putting clothes and bedding around the bed. It can also be used like a rack. The grid-like design using solid wood gives a light impression and can be used coolly even in the summer.
The stool, which is made of solid wood with a large thickness and two large whirlpools, has a cute design with a hollow center like peanuts with shells. Uzumaki fits your hips and is comfortable to sit on, so you can use it as a stool to welcome customers by placing it at the entrance, or use it with your sofa in the living room. On sunny and comfortable days, you can put it on the balcony and enjoy tea time.
The cute beans stool, which consists of thick solid wood and plump legs, is a one-seat stool, but it has a wide seating surface. Like the peanut stool, the whirlpool fits your hips, so you'll be amazed at how comfortable it is to sit on a board. Unlike a two-seater, it is difficult to take up space, so it is convenient to place it in a place you want to use, such as a kitchen, entrance, or bedroom.


A sofa with a silky feel-Spend a refreshing time on the sofa on the board

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