What kind of place is "Koubou", the forefront of cosine manufacturing?

"Koubou" at the forefront of cosine manufacturing
I took a look at how I make things on a daily basis

At Cosine's workshop, 17 staff members manufacture, pack and ship products on a daily basis.
The work in the workshop is roughly divided into four processes.
" Wood removal": The process of selecting and cutting wood according to what you are making to make sticks and boards.
"Processing" : The process of using a machine to create the specific shapes of the parts required for a product.
"Finishing" : The process of assembling small chamfers, files, and wood parts.
"Montage" : A production line is set up so that it flows from the back of the workshop to the front of the photo, where machines and metal fittings necessary for watches and lighting are attached, and oil painting, assembly, and packing are performed.
This time, I will introduce some of the work that is being done in the "montage" right after entering the workshop!

The dress rack is packed in a slender and slim shape.

After finishing and oil painting, the legs of the dress rack are inspected one by one for color, grain and finish, and four "sets" are made and put in the bag. At this time, avoid the unique wooden legs such as large knots and use it as an outlet product. It takes time to examine each leg one by one, but it is a necessary process because we want you to use it in a beautiful state.

After putting the legs in the bag, it is time to pack the parts.
As shown in the picture below, arrange the parts necessary for assembly such as instructions, leather belts, and metal fittings in advance. When I finish putting in the last part, I notice that I have forgotten to put it in if there is something left over, so I am taking measures to prevent forgetting to put it in.

After inserting the parts, tie the legs and the box with a string. The reason for tying it is that it has many advantages such as preventing it from playing inside when it is put in a cardboard box, and it can be removed immediately by pulling the string at the time of assembly. When you have finished putting it in, attach the tape firmly so that it will not open during transportation. Finally, attach the label with the product name printed on it and you're done! The weight of the dress rack is different because the specific weight of the wood is different for each of the four tree species, but the dress rack made of oak wood is very heavy, and the staff who can move multiple trees also moved one by one when using oak wood. ..

Since the dress rack is an assembly type, you need to assemble it after it arrives, but if you need to move, you can put it in a slim state and put it away.
Also, even if it is damaged or lost, you can purchase only the parts, so it is a product that can be used for a long time.

Because of its simple shape, the "option tray" is carefully painted to the smallest corners.

An optional tray that can be used with a dress rack. The tray is large enough to hold bags and folded clothes. Although it is a simple shape, there are small processes such as scraping the back side, and time-consuming work such as assembly and bonding, and it is made by many people. Among them, if you think that oil painting is "easy because it is a simple shape", there are parts that can not be painted because it is narrow, and oil pools are formed in the gaps, so detailed work is required. When it dries, it will harden as it is, so to avoid narrow areas that cannot be completely painted or oil pools, spread it with a small brush to evenly apply oil to the corners. In the same way, wipe the entire surface, wipe the narrow corners clean with something like a ruler, dry and pack.

Assembling site of manual watch one by one

Watches are carefully finished in the "finishing" process and then urethane coated.
At Cosine, urethane coating is applied to products that come into contact with water and products that hang on the wall for easy maintenance.
Urethane coating darkens the color as if it were wet, creating a glossy luster. Painting is outsourced to a specialized contractor.

After painting, Kibe will be returned to the workshop and the movement, metal fittings, and needles will be attached in the montage. Prepare the required number in advance and install it manually using a special tool. After installing, check the operation of the needle, inspect it, and pack it in a cosmetic box. When your order comes in, it will be shipped to you.

What is the difference between oil painting and urethane painting?

At Cosine, when choosing to paint a product, we use it properly according to the purpose of the product. Since the oil coating soaks into the wood, it keeps the product beautiful while retaining the texture of the wood, so that it can be used for a long time. Oil painting is not strong against water, but unlike urethane painting, it can be maintained at home, so you will be attached to it.
Urethane coating is used for racks for hanging damp items and watches that are difficult to clean with almost no shaking. It is resistant to moisture and dirt, so daily maintenance is easy, but if it is damaged, you need to ask a professional contractor to repaint it.
Maintenance methods and repairs are explained in detail on this page .

-Ilustration- The shape that I understood because it was not assembled "I was lining up somehow ... It looks like a fish is swimming"

Among the finished products that have already been assembled when they arrive, there is a "wall hook". At the stage of oil painting, it is not yet assembled, and not only the main body but also the hooks are individually oiled and dried. Oil painting is done by stroking with oil-soaked work gloves or by spinning the parts with your fingertips. Since the work is painted and wiped, it is basically done by two people, but while talking about small things, I saw the hooks lined up and said, "I somehow lined up, but this seems to be a fish swimming." The staff started talking. I lined it up on a sheet with horizontal lines, so it looked like I was swimming along the flow. The hook before installation is small and has a pretty shape.


What kind of place is "Koubou", the forefront of cosine manufacturing?

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