Wooden living tools used according to daily life

Sofa and dining table to choose according to the user and usage

For living / dining with the whole family, choose a sofa or dining table that everyone can spend comfortably according to the way the family spends and how to use the room. It is very important to be comfortable to use because it can be freely laid out according to how you use the room, it does not interfere with the flow of life, and it is used every day. The cosine sofas and dining tables all feature a smooth hand-finished feel and a contrast between pinned edges and gentle curves. And the rounded and gentle shape like cosine is packed with ingenuity to fit it compactly in daily life. Choose from two sizes of platform sofas, danran tables, and fit tables where you can order sizes in 5 cm increments, depending on who you are and how you want to use them.

The platform sofa is compact but has a size that is large enough for the whole family to sit and relax by widening the depth of the seat.
In combination with the separately sold ottoman, you can stretch your legs forward and sit down, or lie down and take a nap.
If you put the ottoman (width: 61 cm) side by side on the platform sofa, one adult can lie down to the perfect width, and the platform sofa (wide) can lie down with enough space to sit another person. * The photo is a platform sofa.
Since the sofa and ottoman can be used individually, it is also a point that you can freely lay out according to the situation you use. Please use it while laying it out freely according to the user and usage.

The Danlan table is a dining table featuring a gentle oval top plate. The Danran Table 95 is a compact size that can be surrounded by up to 4 people, one adult can sit on each side. It can be used extensively by 2 adults and 2 children. If you have 4 adults and you want to relax around the table, we recommend Danran Table 140. You can add seats to each of the short sides, so it is a size that can accommodate up to 6 people.

The fit table is recommended if you want to customize the installation space, usability, and comfortable distance from your family. You can make it in 5 cm increments to your liking.
* Prices vary depending on size and tree species.
* Since it will be manufactured after ordering, it will take some time before delivery.

Dress rack / dress rack (wide) with a beautiful design and texture that is simple and can be used for a long time

Cosine's long and best-selling dress rack has a storage capacity of about 17 cosine hangers and about 29 dress racks (wide), and it is easy to fold and move. A unique hanger rack with a beautiful design and, above all, the texture of wood. Optional trays and hooks are also available, so you can store your personal belongings in one place.
A reliable item that can be placed near the bathroom, used for drying the room, of course, to store tomorrow's clothes, store clothes for relaxing at home, and put on an outerwear. is.

At the dressing room on the side of the bathroom, you can put towels, bathrobes, and room shoes together, or use a hanger with a pinch to dry the room in a sunny place. At the entrance, you can quickly store your outerwear and hat like a cloakroom at home. When you stay, it will also be an instant closet for you.

A relaxing nap sofa in a life close to the floor that Japanese people like

The nap sofa, which is just right for relaxing on a low seat and is high enough for children to sit down, is important for reading slowly, spending relaxing time with pets, and even alone. An item that makes a space where you can spend a comfortable time with people. It is a recommended sofa that you can relax with your family like a sofa, take a nap, and sometimes use it like a table, sometimes like a porch.

The degree of freedom of usability is No. 1 among cosine items.
Nest stool

Nest stools, which are a set of three stools of different sizes, are simple and sturdy. When not in use, you can put all three together, and when you use it, you can easily carry it anywhere. The joint, which is also the point of the design, is made using a sturdy traditional technique called "hail assembly".
It is a versatile item that you can use in your daily life with free ideas such as stepping stones, shelves, bookshelves, tables, and stools.


Wooden living tools used according to daily life

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